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Monitor Articles for December 26, 2012

Horizons Samsung says it will ship half a billion phones in 2013
Toyota agrees to $1 billion settlement
Horizons Google Apps makes gains on Microsoft Office
Sharp criticism after New York newspaper publishes names of local gun owners
Tornadoes and deaths in its wake, powerful winter storm aims at Northeast
No Ben Affleck? That's OK, Massachusetts Senate race still poised to be big.
Assad sends envoy to Moscow for talks on ending Syria's conflict
The Monitor's View Homes for the homeless: a smart investment in dignity
Italians, backed by the Catholic Church, aim to stop Sunday shopping
Afghan bomber attacks near major US base near Pakistan border, killing 4
Tax VOX Worst fiscal policy ideas of 2012
Mattel and Hasbro 'terrified': Do kids want gadgets more than toys?
Les Miserables reviews: What makes the movie different from the stage show?
Russia's adoption ban exposes political rift (+video)
The Reformed Broker Three predictions for 2013
Retail sales just ho-hum this holiday season
'Fiscal cliff': Is Washington missing its chance to 'go big'?
Tunisia seeks gold in former dictator's assets
Dakota Indians remember largest mass hanging in US history
Opinion After Sandy Hook and Webster, N.Y., the real 'monster' only community can heal
Culture Cafe TV's best holiday episodes – from Festivus to Holiday Armadillos
Obama cuts short Hawaiian holiday for fiscal cliff negotiations
Syrian moderates fear being edged out of uprising
Newtown inundated with support, consolation on Christmas
Modern Parenthood Parental leave global comparison: US still among least generous
Modern Parenthood Norway's stroller mafia empowered by generous parental leave
Egypt's contentious constitution becomes law
Fighting poverty, unrelated adults increasingly share housing
Energy Voices Why are US firms going 'green': CEOs or customers?
Shinzo Abe officially chosen as Japan's next prime minister (+video)
Christmas snow storm kills 3, tornadoes knock out power in South (+video)
The Collected Poems of Lucille Clifton 1965-2010
A year after being literally wiped out, a Russian hockey team flourishes
Twitter taunts turn positive in high school experiment
Robert Reich Is US headed to 'A Wonderful Life' – or Pottersville?
Look to the stars
Apple's Siri has a rival: Google voice search