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Monitor Articles for December 22, 2012

Egypt's charter headed for approval, but troubles loom
Gun enthusiasts pack shows to buy assault weapons
Sandy Hook shooting: Town in mourning inundated with gifts, money
CIA: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ not a realistic portrayal of hunt for Osama bin Laden
Pope pardons Vatican butler
Robert Reich Boehner's failure signals marginalization of GOP
In 'fiscal cliff' fight, Obama gets better marks than Boehner
Global News Blog Deep emotions run beneath Russia's adoption ban
'Phonehenge West' creator jailed: When folk art and building codes collide
Genetically modified salmon not harmful, FDA says
Saving Money Five outrageously expensive gift ideas
Stir It Up! Food-related gifts that give back
SolarCity IPO launches new breed of solar company
Is the NRA push for guns in schools crazy? It depends on where you live.
In Gear Ford hybrids hot sellers despite mileage concerns
Energy Voices Enbridge ups investment in Northern Gateway pipeline
Global News Blog Good Reads: gun laws, lottery winners, online education, and tech gets sensory