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Monitor Articles for December 21, 2012

Armed guards in schools? Reaction to NRA is swift and strong.
John Kerry as secretary of State: expect a more traditional style (+video)
The Monitor's View The NRA call for armed guards in schools
Horizons Can a Motorola X Phone keep up with Apple and Samsung?
Unemployment down: which states are doing better than others
Stir It Up! Sweet tea pecans
Sexual assault reports jump at military academies, Pentagon finds
Since Sandy Hook shooting, jitters in other schools – some for good reason
Illegal immigration from C. America on the rise
FBI: One Chicago high-rise prison escapee caught (+video)
Tom Cruise works as tough guy 'Jack Reacher'
Modern Parenthood The holidays mean reflection via Dylan Thomas for one middle school class
James Gandolfini stars in 'Not Fade Away'
Kristen Stewart stars in 'On the Road'
Modern Parenthood One young chess player shows the power of parental support
Violence in Iraq spikes. Are US security interests in jeopardy?
Burger King spitting suit: Racism in a Whopper Jr.? (+video)
One week after Sandy Hook shooting, a simple remembrance
Websites go dark: Moment of silence honors Sandy Hook victims
Saving Money UPS quits on guaranteed Christmas Day delivery
Delhi gang-rape case could be turning point for India's rape laws (+video)
Milk prices could double if Congress doesn't act (+video)
Shooting on US rural road leaves 4 dead, including gunman
NRA press conference: Put armed guards in schools (+video)
In Hezbollah stronghold, Lebanese Christians find respect, stability
Japanese firms set spending record in buying up foreign assets
Steve Jobs' superyacht can't leave Netherlands until payment spat resolved
Decoder Buzz Boehner 'Plan B' flop: Good or bad for President Obama? (+video)
39 people killed in clashes in Kenyan village
Latin America Monitor US ex-marine to be released from prison after violating Mexico's strict gun laws (+video)
Energy Voices Eight reasons cleantech investors go wrong
'This Is 40': A mixed bag, but a fun one (+trailer)
Modern Parenthood iPads and YouTube: Are digital tools in classrooms a student asset or distraction?
John Boehner plays down setback of his fiscal 'fallback' plan
Obama chooses John Kerry for secretary of State. How might he do?
The best films of 2012
'Does God need me?'
US government waives pollution laws for 1,500 underground water supplies
Thousands of Islamists clash with opponents in Egypt
Opinion Sandy Hook exposes the logic gap in NRA's opposition to gun control
Obama to Americans on gun control: I need your help (+video)
Economist Mom Fiscal cliff Plan C: Let Democrats find compromise. Huh?
Modern Parenthood Christmas parenting wisdom: 'It's Jesus' birthday, not yours'
Republicans 'Plan B' fails. What's next to avoid going over 'fiscal cliff'? (+video)
In Gear GM pickup recall: Front hood can fly open
How will NRA respond to the Sandy Hook shooting? (+video)
Teen texting too much? Get ‘Unbored’ advice book for having fun
Terrorism & Security Syria fires more Scud missiles as refugee projections climb
Winter Solstice prompts gatherings of druids, spiritualists, and doomsday party goers
Great Expectations: The Sons and Daughters of Charles Dickens
Tate Stevens wins 'X Factor' and $5 million record deal (+video)
KiOR starts making biofuel, but future still iffy
Difference Maker A grandmother hunts for Argentina's grandchildren 'stolen' decades ago
Why North Korea has arrested an American citizen
Top Picks: International light displays, the albums of classical music Grammy nominees, and more
Verbal Energy Vivid verbs defended with verve
South Korea's president-elect promises aid to North