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Monitor Articles for December 20, 2012

Political bickering over fiscal cliff persists
Instagram retreats following backlash (+video)
Putin, EU likely to remain at odds
Midwest blizzard leaves some stranded
California meteorite reveals secrets thanks to crowdsourcing (+video)
Boehner's 'Plan B' vote delayed
Peter Madoff sentenced to 10 years in prison for role in ponzi scheme
Guns in schools? Sandy Hook rekindles hot debate on arming teachers. (+video)
Brothers Grimm saved classic fairy tales by changing them forever
How is winter storm affecting holiday travel? (+video)
The Monitor's View Kids and digital media: removing the fears
Robert Reich Fiscal cliffhanger: Obama's unwise concessions
NRA's Sandy Hook press conference: What can it say?
Energy Voices How utilities can turn pilots into partnerships
Newark's Booker won't run for NJ gov, sets sights on US Senate seat
Stocks edge up as investors await fiscal cliff deal
Horizons Facebook $1 fee? New scheme aims to make money, cut spam.
Full steam ahead? How economy might look if 'cliff' deal is struck. (+video)
Stir It Up! Egg nog pie
Horizons Path introduces social search that's more intuitive than Facebook
Chapter & Verse Brothers Grimm: 4 gruesome plot twists you may have forgotten
In India, a Hindu nationalist rebuilds image with Muslim votes (+video)
Newtown post office flooded with condolences
Unused school offers Sandy Hook a new home, and path forward
3 YA books just perfect for adults
Code Name Verity
Modern Parenthood Kids online will now be protected by new federal guidelines
Opinion Obama must remind Vladimir Putin of human rights, religious freedom concerns
Chapter & Verse 2012: the year of self-publishing
Decoder Buzz Sen. Ben Affleck? Fearing loss of Mass. Senate seat, Democrats scramble.
Will GOP's 'Plan B' push Obama closer to 'fiscal cliff' deal?
Chapter & Verse The rifle: Its history and its place in the future
Geography of joy? Where the world's happiest people live.
Culture Cafe Brothers Grimm: Why Disney is the master of adapting their stories
Latin America Monitor How the Zetas drug gang took Monterrey
South Korea's president-elect promises 'new era of change'
Egypt's opposition: If we can't beat constitution, amend it
Putin presser: chilling news for orphans, but warm words for Depardieu (+video)
Kids and violent video games: One senator calls for research
Pressure mounts on Obama to change tactics on Iran
Opinion Israel's settlement push kills two-state solution, leaving Palestinians few options
Shopping procrastination? Tips for last-minute Christmas gifts online.
Chapter & Verse 'Les Miserables': Is the story of Jean Valjean a model for newly released inmates today?
In Gear Are cheap cars safer than expensive ones?
Teacher inherits $7 million in gold coins from reclusive cousin
Global News Blog End of the world on 12/21/12? Not just yet, says the Vatican's top astronomer. (+video)
Opinion Sandy Hook: Mental health, not gun control, is the answer to mass shootings
Peace among enemies
Change Agent 13 resolutions to improve the world's food supply in 2013
Ban Ki-moon, UN Security Council slam Israel on settlements
In Gear Electric and hybrid taxis gaining in popularity
Modern Parenthood Christmas without butter?! Norway's perpetually uncertain butter supply
Lessons from the Maya prophecy – whether the world 'ends' or not (+video)
The top 5 things never to ask your child right after school
Terrorism & Security Palestinians begin returning to Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria (+video)
Energy Voices Energy predictions from last year: Did they come true?
In Texas, a town where the teachers carry guns (+video)
Syrian rebel infighting could take dangerous turn if Assad falls
Olivia Culpo, a 'cellist nerd,' takes Miss Universe crown (+video)
General Motors to buy back US-owned stake. US to lose billions?
Blizzard conditions, from Kansas to Wisconsin, close schools (+video)
Tax VOX Fiscal cliff could impact low-income families the most
The real Brothers Grimm were stranger than fiction
Hunting for hidden gems
The most important thing