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Monitor Articles for December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook families: Coming together to comfort and heal
Sandy Hook School shooting: Voices from around the world
Tax VOX Fiscal cliff talks stall. Middle class tax bill won't help.
Egypt's referendum a vote on Morsi as well as the constitution (+video)
Sandy Hook: Police say shooter forced his way into school
Sandy Hook school shooting: Few easy answers for a violent culture (+video)
In Gear Can garden herbs improve your car battery?
Egyptians go to polls on controversial constitution
President Obama: American hearts 'heavy with hurt'
Energy Voices EPA squelches soot. First step in a deluge of regulations?
Jane Austen: 10 quotes on her birthday
Sandy Hook shooting: Stories of heroism, ways to help (+video)
Saving Money The 14 worst holiday gifts for women
On election's eve, Japan's conservatives appear poised for dramatic comeback
When tragedy strikes: a prayerful response to the shootings in Connecticut