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Monitor Articles for December 12, 2012

Opening of upscale hotels marks turning point in Haiti's reconstruction
University of Iowa first to ask incoming students about sexual orientation
Software pioneer John McAfee deported from Guatemala, lands in Miami (+video)
Sandy benefit concert: Rock legends hit the right notes (+video)
US hesitates to forcefully condemn North Korean rocket launch
For newly recognized Syrian rebel coalition, a first dispute with US (+video)
9/11 trial: Any mention of torture is classified, military judge rules
X-37B: US launches super-secret, orbiting, robotic plane
West Virginia gas pipeline explosion – just a drop in the disaster bucket
The Simple Dollar The high price of confirmation-biased shopping
Why more people didn't die in Clackamas mall shooting
Stir It Up! Pasta with chestnuts, pancetta, and sage
Energy Voices SolarCity IPO share price slashed. Cloudy skies ahead for solar?
Why no new Christmas carols?
Apple TV set on the way? Maybe, but don't hold your breath.
In Gear Honda recall: 870,000 minvans and SUVs for ignition defect
Ravi Shankar bridged cultures by bringing sitar to the West, but at a cost
The Monitor's View Why a US-EU trade pact would be historic
Raising Medicare's eligibility age: How much money would it save?
Facebook again streamlines privacy settings. Will it help the average user?
In human rights spat, Russia poised to target US adoptive parents
Sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar bridged India and the West
3 compelling photo books for gifting this winter
'Insulting religion': Blasphemy sentence in Egypt sends a chill
The Entrepreneurial Mind Small business vs. big business: The divide widens
Latin America Monitor What happens if Venezuela's Hugo Chávez misses his inaguration?
Monitor Breakfast Would a 'fiscal cliff' deal imperil John Boehner's tenure as House speaker?
Chapter & Verse Mo Yan's Nobel acceptance speech draws ire from critics (+video)
Google Zeitgeist reveals the most searched terms of 2012
Chapter & Verse Lena Dunham's legal representative asks that leaked book proposal be taken down
Chapter & Verse Is a new 'Harry Potter' short film in the works?
Obama's pollster: Republicans have a tolerance problem
Tax VOX Tax hikes ahead. Time to accelerate dividend payments?
Why Amsterdam is banning marijuana use in schools
N. Irish police involved in Belfast lawyer's 1989 murder, says report
Top 5 product recalls in US history
Boehner: Don't make Christmas plans, 'serious differences' remain in 'fiscal cliff' talks
England census: Why have the ranks of the religious declined?
Energy Voices Enbridge set to invest $6.28 billion in oil pipeline
Modern Parenthood 'Sesame Street' tackles the big 'D,' Divorce (+video)
Global Viewpoint How to survive in a tech-driven economy
Culture Cafe Paul McCartney to front Nirvana for a benefit concert?
In Gear Electric vehicle awareness: the key to boosting sales
Oregon mall shooting: Another case of a gunman firing at random (+video)
Chapter & Verse 'Game Change' sequel will come next fall
Opinion Egypt and other Arab democracies will not survive without including more women
Chapter & Verse 'Downton Abbey' insider Jessica Fellowes shares her behind-the-scenes take
12-12-12: An auspicious date for a $1,212,120 wedding?
North Korea rocket launch: Why China only 'expresses regret' (+video)
'Storage Wars' lawsuit: Former cast member says show is rigged
Latin America Monitor Honduran lawmakers fire four Supreme Court judges
Focus Baltic nations offer ex-Soviet states a Western model
Culture Cafe 'Man of Steel' trailer shows character exploration, big-budget visuals (+trailer)
Opposition pushes 'no' vote on Egyptian referendum as 'unity' talks postponed (+video)
Pope Benedict XVI, now with one million followers, launches first Tweet (+video)
Robert Reich Why billionaires will still pour millions into politics
Focus Left behind? Russian-speaking minorities struggle in new Baltics
Focus A Russian island encircled by Europe: Kaliningrad's dual existence
SAG award nominations: 'Argo' and 'Lincoln' top the list (+video)
As North Korea celebrates surprise rocket launch, alarm mounts abroad (+video)
Jenna Bush Hager pregnant: George W. Bush to be first-time grandpa
Change Agent Give to people on the street? In cities, it's a daily dilemma
Costco profit soars 30 percent on high sales, low prices
Nurse left suicide note, Aussie radio sets up $525,000 fund (+video)
Terrorism & Security Will US recognition of Syrian opposition group open channels for weapons support? (+video)
Ravi Shankar: Sitar virtuoso and father of the rock benefit concert (+video)
'How silently, how silently, the wondrous gift is given'
West Virginia natural gas explosion wipes out homes and I-77 (+video)
The Simple Dollar Travelling on a budget? Bring your own food and drinks.
Following Alaska serial killer's suicide, mysteries remain