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Monitor Articles for December 11, 2012

Syrian opposition receives U.S. recognition
Defiant North Korean rocket launch gives Kim Jong-un a boost (+video)
Oregon mall shooting: Police confirm three dead
North Korea ignores international opposition, launches rocket
New UC logo: Marketing blunder? Or is storm of criticism overblown?
Oregon shooting: Panicked people run from mall
Monitor Breakfast Israeli envoy calls divisive settlement plan a politically necessary reprisal
Concealed weapons: Illinois's last-in-the-nation ban must go, US court rules
Should Michigan GOP brace for reprisal over 'right to work' law?
Energy Voices A123 sale to China: threat to US security?
Should estate tax rise in a 'fiscal cliff' deal? Why some ultra-rich say yes.
Decoder Buzz Is Stephen Colbert trying to buy Senate seat in South Carolina?
Stocks gain on budget talk optimism, Fed stimulus
Alleging US torture, terror convict Padilla appeals to Americas’ rights group
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Vindication for 2013 inductees
Stir It Up! Chocolate-dipped green tea shortbread cookies
Twitter, ditched by Instagram, launches photo filters of its own
Find My iPhone app will now steer you straight to your lost device
Decoder Buzz Senator Jenny Sanford? Why it might be a smart pick.
Bestselling books the week of 12/13/12, according to IndieBound*
Backchannels Vast sums of aid continue to be stolen in Afghanistan
Supreme Court invites lawyer to argue DOMA is outside their jurisdiction
In Gear Volvo to license technology to Chinese parent company
Trayvon Martin shooter Zimmerman must stay on 24-hour GPS monitor (+video)
Saints 'Bountygate' player suspensions overturned by Tagliabue
A Thousand Mornings
The Monitor's View Shaping the world of 2030
Reader recommendation: God's Hotel
Man convicted in Chicago suicide bomb plot, gets 10 years
W.Va. gas explosion burns five homes, shuts down highway
Is Berlusconi really set to lead Italy again?
Family of journalist Austin Tice struggles with silence on kidnapping
US draws line in Syria: aligns with moderate rebels, labels others terrorists
Federal court strikes down Illinois concealed carry ban
Vote no or boycott? Egypt opposition undecided as referendum looms (+video)
More Americans footloose, as US mobility rate ticks up
Secret shuttle launch: US military's X-37B to spy on Middle East?
The Simple Dollar For cheap travel, avoid the tourist traps
Modern Parenthood Rescue dog: Albie stretches the boundaries of human love
Mali's army dumps another government, this one led by ex-NASA scientist
Frank Sinatra: 10 quotes on his birthday
The Vote Michigan 'right to work' law: Worse for unions than Wisconsin setback? (+video)
In Afghanistan, a girl's killing stands out – for police response
Chapter & Verse An unusually candid picture of Sonia Sotomayor is reported to emerge from her memoir
Economic optimism falls. Are 'fiscal cliff' worries to blame?
Opinion Beyond the 'fiscal cliff,' America's kids need more – not less – government spending
Patriots have their December game faces on. A Week 14 NFL quiz
Tax VOX The looming alternative minimum tax debacle
Change Agent Mom in Argentina rescues hundreds of sex slaves
Jihadist-backed Syrian rebels seize military base (+video)
Why gas prices rise fast, fall slowly – and how you can profit
Powerball jackpot winner revealed in Arizona. How to handle winning millions.
Syrian chemical weapons threat not escalating, says Panetta (+video)
Obamacare fee to offset costs of pre-existing conditions
Opinion How the US can prevent the use and spread of Syria's chemical weapons
Pentagon warns that insider attacks could derail the war in Afghanistan
Robert Reich Fiscal cliff overshadows inequality in the heartland
Mali's ex-rocket-scientist prime minister forced to quit by army (+video)
Why union protests won't stop Michigan's new 'right-to-work' law
Why George Zimmerman wants his GPS tracker removed
Terrorism & Security Will Egypt's military choose to make or break the referendum process? (+video)
Virgin Atlantic Airways stake bought by Delta for $360M
Global News Blog Beijing targets those who cross the street 'with Chinese characteristics'
How does US compare in math, science, reading? Younger students do better.
Are smartphone apps spying on children? FTC to rule.
My veteran, my hero
Focus Which world hot spots will clamor for Obama's attention?
HSBC to pay record $1.9 billion to settle money laundering case (+video)
In Gear EPA to review 2013 Ford Fusion, C-Max fuel economy claims
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