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Monitor Articles for November 9, 2012

In Gear Chrysler recall involves airbags in 919,000 SUVs
Can police collect DNA before conviction? Supreme Court to hear case.
How will GOP handle election letdown? Michigan union fight offers clues.
Petraeus resigns over affair, as criticism grows of CIA response in Libya
In Gear After Sandy, should gas stations have backup power?
Supreme Court to rule on scope of federal powers in Voting Rights Act case
Are you smarter than a US Marine? Take the recruitment quiz
Fearing 'cliff,' investors finish brutal week
Karl Rove on why Romney lost: Obama was 'suppressing the vote'
What Obama will accomplish with a visit to Myanmar
The Simple Dollar The weekend money challenge: Can you go two days without spending a dime?
Stock market has tumbled since Obama reelection. Are investors angry?
CIA director David Petraeus resigns, citing extramarital affair
The Monitor's View Election winners and losers
Backchannels Obama to visit Myanmar, an overture to a one-time pariah
Obama calls bipartisan meeting on 'fiscal cliff,' digs in on tax hike
Iran fires at US drone: the top 3 pressing questions
NBA LA Lakers: Coach Mike Brown fired after dismal start to season
Energy Voices Moving our economy forward (Sponsor content)
MakerBot Replicator 2: Print your own objects at home
Latin America Monitor How will Cuban Americans impact Obama's Cuba policies in his second term?
With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft finds a middle way
Energy Voices Report: Alberta oil sands expected to draw $364 billion in new investment
Chapter & Verse A publishing mystery: Amazon 'buy' button disappears
Decoder Buzz Election's No. 2 loser was Karl Rove, and Democrats are openly gleeful (+video)
Paper Economy How likely is another US recession?
Modern Parenthood Reese Witherspoon baby, Obama Moms and more: Our parenting news roundup.
Africa warms to new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby
The Lost Battles
Reader recommendation: On Saudi Arabia
Spinach recall for Fresh Express. Are you affected?
The Reformed Broker The fiscal cliff isn't gradual, and it will matter
Obama talks 'fiscal cliff.' Why the urgency to reach deal sooner, not later?
Global News Blog Who is new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby?
Navy SEALs punished for revealing secrets to video game designers
Cracks at South Korean nuclear plant raise safety concerns
Daniel Day-Lewis plays our sixteenth president in 'Lincoln' (+video)
Opinion How President Obama can win over Congress (+ video)
Texas man executed for killing woman during a burglary
Gas rationing begins in New York City and Long Island as some power returns
Can a former oil executive hold together the Anglican Church?
Remembering the lost children of El Salvador's war
Stefan Karlsson Latvia's economy comes roaring back
Argentines flood the streets in antigovernment protests
George P. Bush files to run for office in Texas
Terrorism & Security Refugee flow soars as Syrians flee intense fighting between rebels, Assad forces
Opinion What superstorm Sandy taught me about the failures of online learning (+video)
Charles Tillman: Baby to come Monday, he'll play Sunday
War with Iran? 5 ways events overseas could shape Obama's second term.
Iran confirms clash with US drone, claims it was in Iranian airspace (+video)
Energy Voices UK Greens' tragedy: a partial solution to warming
Difference Maker Ruben Garcia sought his mission in life. He found it helping the 'poorest of the poor'
Modern Parenthood China adoption diary: School picture day, nostalgia, and a paper clip barrette
Modern Parenthood 'Brooklyn Castle' families turn to chess, avoid checkmate by Sandy (+video)
Global News Blog Think your office has long meetings? Try China's Party confabs
Student loans rise, boosting consumer credit
The Simple Dollar Weakness in numbers: the case for shopping alone
Support for gay marriage in France declines as government pushes bill
Stir It Up! Sweet potato angel biscuits
Top Picks: Oliver Stone's US history, a three-CD Creedence Clearwater Revival compilation, and more
Verbal Energy Life at C-level: too many chiefs?
Thank you, veterans
Energy Voices New York imposes gas rationing. Here's how it works. (+video)