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Monitor Articles for November 7, 2012

Election Day bears fruit? Boehner, Reid talk of compromise on 'fiscal cliff.' (+video)
Ballot measures: What message did America send on Election Day? (+video)
When did humans get smart? Maybe a lot earlier than some thought.
Youth vote decides presidential election – again. Is this the new normal?
Would tea party accept a Bill Clinton-brokered deal with Obama?
Decoder Buzz Election 2012: Has Nate Silver destroyed punditry?
Why Florida's count matters, even though it won't affect the outcome
Dow loses 313 in post-election sell-off
Paul Ryan returns to House: Is he ready for bigger role in GOP?
Backchannels After Obama win, say goodbye to neocons
Election 2012 results: Women to reach landmark – 20 percent of senators
Bestselling books the week of 11/8/12, according to IndieBound*
'Home Front Girl': 7 stories from a real WWII-era diary
China enlists everyone from cops to cabbies to enforce orderly transition
Vox News Surprise at Obama’s victory illustrates growing partisan divide in US media
In Gear What does A123 bankruptcy mean for Fisker?
3 of the most-talked-about novels of fall 2012
Culture Cafe Neil Gaiman writes a 'Doctor Who' episode that will bring back a creepy villain
Reader recommendation: Lion of Liberty
Malawi suspends anti-gay laws
How the world is reacting to Obama's reelection
The Monitor's View After Obama victory: Come together, right now
As 'fiscal cliff' looms, stock markets shudder at economic 'uncertainty'
Ahead of austerity cuts, Greek protests get violent
Obama win keeps US-British relations familiar, comfortable
In a Kenyan village, delight at Obama's reelection
Election 2012: 12 reasons Obama won and Romney lost
Robert Reich Obama's next economy: the danger of the fiscal cliff
Guatemala earthquake: Strong 7.5 quake shakes region, at least one fatality
Latin America Monitor Brand power in Honduras: Lesser known gangs claim affiliation to infamous 'maras'
Opinion Exit polls show President Obama should go on listening tour, not take victory lap
Kraft Foods profits rise after recent split
Latin Americans love Obama – so why the 'collective shrug' on reelection?
Chapter & Verse Apple agreement with the European Union would allow lower Amazon e-book prices
Modern Parenthood 2012 Elections: Did Obama win the Battle for Mom?
The Simple Dollar If it's not on sale, don't buy it
Israel moves quickly to congratulate Obama
Decoder Buzz Election results 2012: Who won it for Obama? (+video)
AT&T offers refunds to subscribers that overpaid. Are you eligible?
Russia not Obama's 'No. 1 foe,' but Moscow doubts a fresh 'reset'
Terrorism & Security Rebel hopes rise that reelected Obama will act on Syria as blasts hit Damascus
Energy Voices 'Burning Picassos for heat': the case for electrified transport
Tax VOX Five tough challenges for Obama's second term
Indonesia responds to Obama's win: He's still our 'Menteng Kid'
Will Obama's reelection change the US-Pakistan relationship?
Stir It Up! Warm and savory pork pies
Northeast storm coming: flights canceled and homes evacuated (+video)
Congress: Will fiscal cliff, election results lead partisans to stand down?
Opinion As a region battered by Sandy braces for the nor'easter, I think of Grandma
Virginia Senate: how Tim Kaine survived a record barrage of attack ads
Stocks fall. Obama win? No, Europe.
Opinion After Obama win, how civility can come to Washington (+video)
In Obama win, China sees key prize: stability (+video)
Election results 2012: Does Obama's historic victory give him a mandate? (+video)
The Simple Dollar Save with warehouse shopping
After winning re-election, Obama faces Iran, Syria
Sweet potato hassle
Election 2012: why status quo result could mean more Washington gridlock
Legalized marijuana (Amendment 64), same-sex marriage make gains (+video)
Claire McCaskill: 'most endangered Democrat' wins Missouri Senate race (+video)
Decoder Buzz In passionate speech, Obama says 'You have made me a better president' (+video)
Divine simplicity
Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin helps Democrats retain US Senate seat (+video)
Senator Casey prevails against GOP newcomer and 'war on coal' (+video)
'Red' Indiana sends Democrat to US Senate, as women fled Mourdock (+video)
Voting-machine glitches: How bad was it on Election Day around the country?
How Elizabeth Warren bested Sen. Scott Brown in Massachusetts (+video)
Obama wins, but has anything changed?