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Monitor Articles for November 6, 2012

Missouri: McCaskill keeps her seat
Election 2012: Voting issues emerge
Waiting for Election 2012 results: Mood tense at Obama, Romney venues
Decoder Buzz Mitt Romney's route to victory is quickly narrowing
Angus King wins. Maine sends new voice of moderation to Senate.
Decoder Buzz Mitt Romney says he hasn't written a concession speech. Can that be true?
Britain to reach out to Syrian opposition
Will election results affect NASA funding?
The Vote Romney's Pennsylvania chase: State's Republicans trying hard to believe
Death toll in Fresno, Calif. shooting rises to 3
Decoder Buzz Presidential election: How soon will someone win so we can go to sleep? (+video)
In Gear The auto industry responds to hurricane Sandy
US judge allows Ohio voting software, alleged to be vulnerable to fraud
Stocks rise as investors wait for a winner
Briefing Four curious outcomes if the Electoral College ends in a tie
Energy Voices Oil prices gain 3 percent as elections, hurricane, and China push prices up
Modern Parenthood Election 2012: It's 'take your kids to vote day' – a bipartisan lesson
State legislatures: why Republican wave of 2010 is here to stay
Nor'easter moving up East Coast: Can Sandy survivors dodge more damage?
The Monitor's View China’s backroom politics
The Vote Election 2012 results Liveblog: In Senate, Democrats ward off challenges
Greeks strike over spending cuts before crucial austerity vote
Energy Voices Coal, the elections and the economy (Sponsor content)
The Simple Dollar The art of the to-do list
British PM Cameron says Assad could leave Syria
Horizons Where do I vote? A primer on finding your local polling place.
Netanyahu campaign strategy? Put Iran center stage.
Horizons Is Microsoft building an Xbox Surface gaming tablet?
If GOP misfires on bid for Senate takeover, is tea party to blame?
Backchannels From a distance, Syria 'feels' like Iraq in 2004
Halo 4, Black Ops II top holiday video game lists
Chapter & Verse 'Hobbit' in the skies: Air New Zealand creates a Middle-earth-themed safety video
'Moranthology': 6 stories from UK writing star Caitlin Moran
Youth vote not as fired up as in 2008. Could that trip up Obama?
Backchannels 'Cyberterror' and Chinese hackers
Iran's proxy war?
In Gear Battery not at fault in Hurricane Sandy Fisker fire
Culture Cafe 'Star Wars: Episode 7': Harrison Ford open to returning for a new film, sources say
Election Day 2012 freebies: deals on food, travel, and…yoga?
Can Syria's opposition groups figure out how to pull together? (+video)
Russian defense minister's sacking suggests political infighting (+video)
Obama, Romney teams 'lawyer up' for Election Day vote disputes
Stir It Up! Election night party app: Artichoke and spinach dip
Chapter & Verse Independent booksellers refuse to stock Amazon titles
National Student Poet and resolute teen
Opinion Finding uncommon community after superstorm Sandy
Energy Voices Gas prices continue to drop
Decoder Buzz Electoral College 101: How it works. Why we're stuck with it.
Mexico: Sharp fall in drug violence inspires new optimism
As Europe scrimps, budget airline Ryanair soars
Global News Blog Why Wuxi is not your ordinary Chinese city
Opinion Hurricane Sandy blows climate change back on the table
Saints and Eagles head in opposite directions. A Week 9 NFL quiz
The Simple Dollar What to do with a windfall
Voter turnout: the 6 states that rank highest, and why
Terrorism & Security Bahrain blasts underscore tensions over lack of political reform (+video)
Prop 37: Safer food or invitation for lawsuits?
Global News Blog Obama victory a sure thing? A top Irish bookmaker thinks so.
Change Agent A second chance for Johnny Cash's childhood home
Energy Voices Are gas prices lower under Democratic or Republican presidents?
Beneath the hype: What, actually, will China's party congress do? (+video)
Gold prices rise ahead of presidential election
Election Day: Does Obama have the edge? (+video)
The Fun Stuff: And Other Essays
Robert Reich Election 2012: A house divided
The momentous versus the moment on Election Day, and after
In Gear Bankrupt American Suzuki to stop selling cars in US