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Monitor Articles for November 5, 2012

Is Ohio voting software vulnerable to fraud? Court to hear Election Day case
Gay marriage in Maryland: A state divided (+video)
Federal appeals court questions Arizona's ban on late-term abortions
In New York: Back to school after Sandy
What will happen if Congress remains status quo?
Sandy recovery: Where will the displaced find housing? (+video)
Swing states: how candidates fared in battle for newspaper endorsements
Democrats reach settlement in Florida early-voting lawsuit
Raves for 787 Dreamliner. Will new plane bring fun back to flying?
Sandy relief: How trips to the Hamptons turned into a mission of mercy
How can you donate to Sandy relief? Here are 9 organizations.
Energy Voices Nine energy policy principles for Obama, Romney
In Gear Assessing Sandy: Are electric cars a better bet in emergencies?
Opinion Election day: Most predictions of the next four years will be wrong (+video)
Latin America Monitor Biggest blow to Mexico drug cartels? It could be on your state ballot.
World's rarest whale seen for first time in New Zealand
N.J.'s e-mail voting draw objections
Stocks edge up ahead of election
In Pentagon's 'pivot' toward Asia, has Europe been forgotten?
Humana profit down, but still beats estimates
Stir It Up! Election night cupcakes
In Election Day Olympics, US gets an F from the Russian judge
Backchannels Aghanistan's Karzai back to antagonizing the US and attacking free speech
Syrian rebels root for Romney in hopes of US military intervention
Calif. freeway shut down over wildfire worries
Robert Reich Election 2012: Three lessons for Democrats
Focus Japan's leaders give up on quitting nuclear power
Bahrain bomb attacks kill two migrant workers
Focus Japan's nuclear dilemma: Is geothermal the answer?
The Monitor's View Election Day: Voting is our ‘civic sacrament’
Gas prices' big fall: sharpest drop in almost 4 years
Horizons iPad Mini, new iPad set new sales record (sort of)
Energy Voices Green technologies: Portable wind turbine promises off-grid power
Change Agent One by one, Vietnam deals with unexploded bombs
Decoder Buzz Polls show a dead heat. So why so many predictions of an Obama win? (+video)
Stefan Karlsson Why Mitt Romney is the lesser of two evils
Opinion 4 smart ways to rebuild after superstorm Sandy
War on poverty? Why presidential campaigns don't talk about the poor.
Decoder Buzz Early voting results point to Obama lead. Does that matter? (+video)
Egypt's new Coptic pope faces charged political scene
Indiana GOP aiming for House supermajority
Focus Japan's nuclear dilemma: What to do with all that nuclear waste?
Paper Economy Service sector slows in October
Latin America Monitor Cuban waters come up dry on oil
Whose votes count, whose don't? The legal landscape before Election Day
Suicide car bomber kills 50 soldiers, Syrian opposition says
Energy Voices In some states, energy trumps the economy in election 2012 (+video)
Opinion Obama's economy is driving well, considering the hand brake is on
Horizons Acer to Microsoft: Hardware is our game, stick to software
Culture Cafe 'Wreck-It Ralph': Is the video game send-up worth seeing?
Vatican trial: The butler did it, but did the IT guy help?
Netflix uses 'poison pill' to prevent hostile takeover
Energy Voices Is gas as important as food and water?
Stir It Up! Election Cake: An American tradition
Chapter & Verse Britney Spears as... a novelist?
Paul Ryan and his modern family on the campaign trail
United Airlines' massive 787 Dreamliner touches down in Chicago (+video)
Opinion To grow the economy, we must shrink President Obama's big government
Chapter & Verse Election season: Remembering the strange election of 1876
Robert Reich Mitt Romney's 10 guiding principles
Culture Cafe 'The Walking Dead': Did that main character really die?
Early voting results show Obama with turnout lead (+video)
Top 5 parenting tips for media literacy in preschoolers
Modern Parenthood Media literacy for preschoolers requires active parent viewing
Modern Parenthood Media literacy for preschoolers: Parenting a savvy viewer
10 books to read after the election
Wreck it Ralph: Biggest box-office opening ever for Disney animation
Will China be forced to change its secretive leadership process? (+video)
Bill Walton: 10 quotes for his birthday
Sandy benefit concert pulls down $23 million in pledges
Rand Paul as kingmaker in US Senate race in Montana?
Terrorism & Security Syria's opposition groups convene in Qatar – can they build a unified front?
HSBC money laundering fines could top $1.5B
N.J. earthquake rumbles, but leaves no injuries
'When America First Met China' and 'The Great Railroad Revolution'
What America needs most
Readers Write: The real definition and drivers of poverty