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Monitor Articles for November 4, 2012

New York City marathon runners redirect energy into charity (+video)
Redskins Rule:How football outcomes predict the presidential election
Why the Palestinian president shocked his people over 'right of return'
Romney campaign says it could take Pennsylvania. Hail Mary pass?
US-Israel relations won't be shaken no matter who wins Tuesday
A state-by-state look at superstorm's effects
Superstorm Sandy: How to help
Syrian rebels capture oil field, but oil not marketable
Obama, Romney surrogates insist their guy will win. Both can't be right.
New pope named for Egypt's embattled Coptic Christians
Latin America Monitor Rise in beheadings in Mexico – sign of splintering drug gangs?
Superstorm Sandy update: Falling temperatures add urgency to recovery.
Saving Money 8 surprising truths about retirement
Disappointed New York marathoners run in aid of Sandy victims
Bo Xilai kicked out of China's Communist Party
India's Congress party rallies hundreds of thousands in Delhi
Upfront Blog Election 2012: the beautiful moment
Stir It Up! Five secrets to fabulous fried rice
Patents suit filed against Microsoft's Windows 8