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Monitor Articles for November 29, 2012

Polar ice melt accelerates (+video)
NASA surprised to spot ice on Mercury
U.N. votes to upgrade Palestine's status
Former President George H. W. Bush expected to recover
Powerball winners remain mysterious
Palestinians win upgrade to 'state ' at UN. What does that change? (+video)
'Fiscal cliff' talks turn sour: Are prospects for deal vanishing?
Not just 4 texting: 1 in 3 middle-schoolers uses smart phones for homework
'Stand your ground' laws: Do they put teens in greater danger?
Paper Economy GDP continues Q3 expansion
Stocks rise and fall with twists in budget talks
'Fiscal cliff' reality check: Are US taxes low or high? (+video)
NY Gov. Cuomo hurries Sandy insurance claims, rates insurers
Ultrabooks learn to twist, twirl, tilt – and compete
Surface Pro: Heart of a PC, body of a tablet, price tag of a Mac
The Monitor's View A parachute for Americans on their fiscal cliff
Fugitive in eco-terrorism case turns herself in at US-Canada border
Tabloid breakup? Cameron and Clegg on the skids
Latin America Monitor Chávez authorized to leave Venezuela for health treatment - Chavismo at risk?
Top 10 cars with the best resale value
iTunes 11: Sleeker, skinnier, faster
Water ice found on scorching-hot Mercury
Are polar ice sheets shrinking? Report offers definitive answer at last.
Syrian rebels cut off Damascus airport in critical step (+video)
Stir It Up! Fig and blue cheese savories
In Gear Chevy Volt tops customer satisfaction survey again
Energy Voices UN: 2012 was one of the hottest years ever
Church of England facing 'major constitutional crisis'
Decoder Buzz Joe Biden goes shopping at Costco. Why there? (+video)
Michael Jackson: 10 quotes on the 30th anniversary of "Thriller"
Latin America Monitor Honduran police cleanup law may be unconstitutional
In DR Congo, Goma residents worry about life after rebels' departure
GDP comes in strong. But will 'fiscal cliff' slow growth?
Paper Economy Jobless claims drop below 400k
Chapter & Verse Should books be a part of emergency relief efforts?
Opinion Fiscal cliff: Republicans on wrong track if they help Obama raise taxes on the rich
Culture Cafe Will Hugh Jackman return as Wolverine in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'?
Global Viewpoint Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Turkey's economy meets EU membership criteria
Syria: Internet shut down by government
Change Agent Designing from nature could solve the world's biggest challenges
Zig Ziglar: 10 quotes from the motivational author
Continental Concord crash conviction overturned by French court (+video)
Europeans bolster Palestinian bid at the UN (+video)
NYC cop buys boots for homeless man, photo goes viral (+video)
Sandy survivors may be rewarded with higher taxes
Will the rush to pass Egypt's constitution render it hollow? (+video)
Opinion US support for Mahmoud Abbas's UN bid for Palestine could save two-state solution (+video)
Disposable diapers or bare bottoms? China frets over potty training
Chapter & Verse Weird science: 'This Is Improbable' chronicles the world's strange experiments
British press needs regulator, says phone-hacking inquiry
'Fiscal cliff' looms, White House and Congress continue discussions
Zig Ziglar: Motivational speaker and author
The Simple Dollar Consider the contract termination fee
Culture Cafe Cate Blanchett's possible role: a Disney villainess
Spotify song of the year: 'Somebody I Used to know' (+video)
Spend that windfall wisely (even if you didn't win the Powerball lottery)
New Jersey spruce survives Sandy, lights up Rockefeller Center
Terrorism & Security Serbs frustrated, Kosovars elated as former Kosovo PM acquitted of war crimes
FedEx driver fired over Russian accent, lawsuit says
A garden of gratitude
Charlie Brown's Christmas Stocking
Modern Parenthood Parenting strategy for facing toxic flame retardant chemicals
Powerball lottery: We have two winners (+video)
Paper Economy Home sales fall in October
Reader recommendation: On Saudi Arabia
Diggin' It The balance of light in the garden
YouTube's quick wick of fame
Verbal Energy Constitutional copy-editing