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Monitor Articles for November 28, 2012

Chinese officials will board, seize ships in disputed waters
3 US citizens accused of trying to join al Qaeda indicted in California
Myanmar riot police descend on copper mine protesters
Susan Rice fails to charm GOP senators (+video)
Backchannels Who backs Palestine UN bid? Ehud Olmert, among others (+video)
They may have voted to legalize, but marijuana restrictions remain for students
Sandy recovery claims mount. How much will a divided Congress pay? (+video)
Texas test case: Do school IDs with locator chips violate religious freedom?
Is the California economy finally turning a corner?
Palestinians push for elevated UN status: Did Gaza conflict help?
Robert Reich Bungee jumping over the 'fiscal cliff'
Powerball lottery jackpot hits record $550 million
Stocks climb on hopes for 'cliff'-skirting deal
Baby named 'Hashtag' draws Internet fame, ire, skepticism
Latin America Monitor A US-Mexico policy duet?
Backchannels Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood sets constitution showdown for tomorrow
Disney, Wal-Mart, ENYCE clothing found in burned Bangladesh factory
Stir It Up! Cookbook review: Taste of Treme
Rhode Island 'holiday tree': A pox on Christmas or just the Puritan way?
Not just sexy Kim Jong-un: 5 times the Onion has fooled foreign media
The Monitor's View US pivot to Mexico?
Only in America
Deported Mexican dad to be reunited with US-born kids
C. S. Lewis: 10 quotes on his birthday
Monitor Breakfast Falling off 'fiscal cliff' is 'insane' but likely, say Simpson and Bowles (+video)
Decoder Buzz Amid GOP rage against Susan Rice, how Hillary Clinton has remained unscathed
Chapter & Verse Simon & Schuster will enter the self-publishing world
Eight sentenced to death in Egypt over prophet film
Horizons Apple secures another countrywide ban on Samsung phones
Chapter & Verse 'Hobbit' premiere draws thousands in New Zealand
Paper Economy Mortgage rates drop to 3.4 percent
Opinion Obama must offer a 'grand deal' with Iran on its nuclear program
USGA rule change: Is this the end for belly putters in golf?
Horizons #My2K: Can Facebook and Twitter sway 'fiscal cliff' debate?
Global Viewpoint Growing wealth concentration threatens to end American opportunity as we know it
Global News Blog Red algae bloom closes Sydney's beaches, but probably not for long
Louisa May Alcott: 10 quotes on her birthday
Warren Jeffs' ranch may be seized by Texas
'Death evictions'? Guatemala's violence takes an unusual toll
Backchannels Egypt's political turmoil dimming chances of democratic transition
EPA bans BP from federal contracts, citing 'lack of business integrity'
Monitor Breakfast US plunge off 'fiscal cliff' is likely, say debt gurus Simpson and Bowles (+video)
Decoder Buzz Mitt Romney to lunch with President Obama in White House. Why? (+video)
Decoder Buzz What 'fiscal cliff' fixes does US public really want?
Stefan Karlsson Would a one-dollar coin save Americans money?
Powerball winners: Cautionary tales, lessons from past lottery winners
Opinion To avoid fiscal cliff, Obama and GOP should compromise like Founding Fathers (+video)
China on passports: Nothing here to see, folks
Egypt to vote on new constitution in effort to avert Morsi crisis
Culture Cafe 'X-Men: Days of Future Past': Which former 'X-Men' stars are returning?
In Egypt and Tunisia, Salafis move from prisons to parliaments
Energy Voices New source of Mexican oil could hold 1 billion barrels
Race is on to find rebel prime minister for Syria
Is China coming to a city near you?
Amber Tamblyn will make her Broadway debut
Change Agent Nonprofit leaders to President Obama: Help the vulnerable
Gaza thanks Iran for help with Israel
The Daily Reckoning Is there such a thing as too much energy?
Laura Ingraham goes off the air – to pursue modern dance?
Why one of China's richest men is squaring off against Obama in court
Terrorism & Security Syria's stalemated conflict picks up speed again
Why Obama is standing with Egypt's President Morsi
Focus Obamacare countdown: States all over the map on insurance markets
Focus Obamacare countdown: How will reform affect the economy?
Melissa Rycroft takes DWTS title on second try (+video)
Grace that redeems the moments of our lives
Costco pays special 'fiscal cliff' dividend to investors
Focus Obamacare countdown: What is slated to happen over next year?
On the Road to Mr. Mineo's
Ten tax moves to protect yourself from the fiscal cliff
The Simple Dollar Smart phone savings: Avoid long-term contracts
Reader recommendation: A Wanted Man
Diggin' It Green in the winter garden
Medicare, social program cuts: Will Democrats go along?