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Monitor Articles for November 25, 2012

The Vote John McCain and abortion: Did he hint at GOP shift?
Morsi seizes broad powers in Egypt: What does US do now?
President Morsi stands firm despite Egypt protests
Saving Money Cyber Monday: Some hot deals are already available
Cover Story Five reasons America won't fall off the 'fiscal cliff'
Could Spain split up? Catalonian vote may birth independence bid. (+video)
Taliban attack against Pakistani Shiites kills six, injures 90
In world's most religious country, humanists rally for secular space
Another church bombed in Nigeria military barracks
Lawrence Guyot, civil rights leader, dies after decades of activism
UK calls on US to show leadership in Israel-Palestine conflict
The Simple Dollar The case for getting rid of cable
In show of power, China lands first jet on aircraft carrier
Congo's government won't negotiate unless rebels leave Goma
Stalemate in Syria? Army short on loyalists, rebels short on guns
More than 100 die in garment factory fire, the deadliest in Bangladesh's history
The Monitor's View Why the UN must respond to rebels splitting Congo