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Monitor Articles for November 24, 2012

Galapagos tortoise: a resurrection from extinction?
Saxby Chambliss: One more Republican breaks ranks over anti-tax pledge
Small business Saturday: Obama buys books
Egyptians accuse President Morsi of rewriting rules of democracy
Texas highway pileup: time to slow the ‘super truckers’ down?
Saving Money Haggle while Christmas shopping: 5 tips
Cash-strapped post office: new, faster package service?
Why is Texas always a mere Fort Sumter away from seceding?
Against the odds, Syrian rebels begin to chip away at regime's air advantage
Paper Economy Are we headed for another round of downsizing?
Black Friday: gridlock at the malls brightens prospects for retailers
Could a tea partyer replace Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.?
Cyber Monday: More firms say its OK to shop at work