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Monitor Articles for November 23, 2012

Black Friday: Walmart protests liken back to days before unions (+video)
Decoder Buzz Is Obamacare on table for 'fiscal cliff' talks?
Death threats against Obama: Did Florida cop 'fan flames'?
New protests in Tahrir Square as Egypt's Morsi grants himself broad powers
Opinion Getting poor students to college isn't just about affordability. It's about access. (+video)
Congo rebels advance as regional leaders seek cease-fire
Why Black Friday 2012 is giving shoppers and stores an extra gift
Decoder Buzz Black Friday politics: Do some stores lean Democratic or Republican?
Jailed Pussy Riot band member moved to 'safe' cell
Gaza truce holding even after Palestinian death
Anthony Hopkins plays the legendary director in 'Hitchcock': movie review
'Chasing Ice' is a chilling look at melting glaciers: movie review
Global News Blog Black Friday: Think it's crazy in the US? You should see China's version.
Russian beauty queen puts spotlight on Russia's official corruption
Culture Cafe 'Breaking Dawn – Part 2': Why that twist ending is a good thing
Potty training Chinese style: With a diaper-free child, look for potted plants
Diggin' It How much do you know about poinsettias?
Chapter & Verse Make like Obama and shop 'Small Business Saturday' this weekend
China's challenge with corruption
Energy Voices Did oil decide the last three American elections?
Modern Parenthood Rescue dog: Two head of dog on a five-day sleepover – rodeo!
Sharing required?
Want a sneak peek at the next Xbox? Look at the Xbox 360.
Reader recommendation: Made for Goodness
Change Agent Curacao looks at using ocean water for power
Difference Maker Restaurant mogul George Schenk melds the needs of people, planet, and profits
Top Picks: 'Friends' on Blu-ray, Led Zeppelin live DVD, and more
Stir It Up! Scallops with almond butter and creamy cauliflower
Black Friday liveblog: Online deals or brick-and-mortar sales?