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Monitor Articles for November 21, 2012

Anchors resign on air, blaming management
The New Economy Credit card debt rises to nearly $5,000 per borrower
Detroit mayor announces furloughs to avoid bankruptcy
Tentative ceasefire agreed between Hamas and Israel
In Gear An electric vehicle made of wicker?
Stir It Up! Autumn sweet potato salad
Giving thanks after superstorm Sandy
Pentagon vs. Al Qaeda: Panetta hints at shifting US tactics
Jesse Jackson Jr. resigns: What happens next?
Entitlement reform: Why Obama faces tough sell to supporters
Gaza cease-fire: Clinton role shows US still dominant in tough neighborhood (+video)
The Simple Dollar Gym memberships costing you a fortune? Cancel them.
Anchors resign on air in dispute with Maine TV news station (+video)
Focus Rebuilding the GOP: Can Republicans pitch a bigger tent?
Focus Republican Party 2.0: 4 GOP leaders share ideas for political upgrade
On Black Friday, retailers take customization to the next level
Goma's fall: Could UN troops in Congo have done more to prevent it?
Rebels question continued protests in 'Free Syria'
Video games in symphony hall
Decoder Buzz Has the White House turkey pardon jumped the shark? (+video)
With Kasab execution, Indian gears of justice unusually swift
Spanish government struggles to respond to home eviction suicides
Saving Money Thanksgiving dinner: 10 ways to save
Stir It Up! Victorian pumpkin pie
Santa and co. battle a villain in 'Rise of the Guardians': movie review
Modern Parenthood Thanksgiving: Teaching gratitude is always in season
'The Price is Right' model wins pregnancy discrimination suit
Chapter & Verse 'Kite Runner' author Khaled Hosseini: building a bridge between Afghanistan and the West
Kasab execution unlikely to impact India-Pakistan peace process
Modern Parenthood ‘God is the clouds,’ a son advises his pondering mom
Bus bombing in Tel Aviv deflates Israeli interest in cease-fire with Gaza (+video)
Change Agent Nonprofits work to help legal immigrants become US citizens
'Lincoln': 6 actors who won Oscars for portraying historical figures
Amazon: great Black Friday deals, but what about sales tax?
As Gaza offensive intensifies, Israel enjoys unusual international support
Black Friday walkout: why Wal-Mart is focus of labor's struggle
Why the Church of England rejected female bishops
In Goma thousands of Congolese army, police, defect to rebel side
Energy Voices Wind power: an interview with president of Shell Wind
Modern Parenthood Thanksgiving with relatives: Tame parenting performance anxiety
Analysis: Why US will allow more LNG exports
Detroit rejects funds, will the city be out of cash by Christmas?
More time or tough love? Eurozone deadlocks over Greece debt deal.
How Grinnell College player set NCAA scoring record, 138 points in a game (+video)
Global Viewpoint China is the only country with a plan to secure scarce global resources
Director Ang Lee takes on the 'unfilmable' 'Life of Pi': movie review (+video)
The essence of a thankful heart
India executes surviving gunman of 2008 terrorist attacks
Tolkien family files suit for 'morally questionable' marketing of 'Rings'
The Black Count
In Gear EPA rejects suspension of corn-based ethanol mandate
Stir It Up! Mini pumpkin pies with gingerbread graham cracker crust
A bus bombed in Tel Aviv as Gaza fighting escalates
Reader recommendation: Turn Here Sweet Corn
Verbal Energy What it means when things 'go viral' on the Web
Stocks end flat after HP shocker, Fed warning