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Monitor Articles for November 16, 2012

Leonid meteor shower late tonight: Stay up, bundle up, look up
Senate cybersecurity bill fails, so Obama could take charge
Gaza conflict offers Egypt's new leader a defining 'moment,' but it's brief
The Vote Want to be Obama's neighbor? You can for $899,000 (and a security check).
Stocks finish higher on optimism over budget talks
'Breaking Dawn – Part 2' screening would have been the focus of his shooting spree, says Missouri resident
Denis Lavant gives an extraordinary shape-shifting performance in 'Holy Motors'
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence strike romantic sparks in 'Silver Linings Playbook' (+video)
Paper Economy EU dips into recession. Is the US next?
Small businesses fume, now seeing 'Obamacare' as unavoidable
Post Office record loss hits $15.9 billion. Retiree benefits to blame.
IAEA: Iran making steady advances on nuclear program
Latin America Monitor What's the role of Afro-Colombian and Colombian women in the FARC peace talks?
Horizons Wii U, Nintendo's long-awaited successor to the Wii, hits stores on Sunday
Deadly oil rig explosion puts spotlight back on embattled Gulf drillers (+video)
The Monitor's View Pentagon can recover from Petraeus and Allen scandals
Did Congress kill the Twinkie? The tariff tale behind the Hostess demise.(+video)
Decoder Buzz Abandon no-new-tax pledge? Some in GOP consider the unthinkable.
No sour words after 'constructive' White House meeting on 'fiscal cliff'
Chapter & Verse After the 2012 election, what's next for Ayn Rand?
Chapter & Verse Apple and Flipboard team up to bring more books to iOS devices
IKEA apologizes for using forced labor to make furniture
Robert Reich BP oil spill settlement: why BP is not a criminal
Horizons Black Ops 2 blasts past $500 million in sales – in 24 hours
Germany's Merkel pays Putin a prickly visit
Jordan's crisis: Is an uneasy peace emerging?
Stir It Up! Ding Dongs and Twinkies no more? Have no fear. Food bloggers to the rescue. (+video)
Gulf oil rig explosion leaves four injured, two missing
Energy Voices The real revolution of shale energy
Modern Parenthood Hostess, 5-Hour Energy, Tamera Mowry and more: Our parenting news roundup
Toy Hall of Fame inducts Dominoes, Star Wars
Petraeus testifies that CIA always suspected terrorists in Libya attack
Leonid meteor shower: When and where to watch
Culture Cafe 'Breaking Dawn – Part 2': Is the movie a satisfying finale?
Gone spear hunting: Ancestors used stone spear tips 500,000 years ago
Opinion 6 ways to avoid the 'fiscal cliff'
Saving Money Black Friday: Freebies for in-store shoppers include coffee, video games, and gift cards
Culture Cafe 'Star Trek' footage will come to IMAX theaters in December
Anna Karenina: Keira Knightley is literature's tragic heroine (+video)
Chapter & Verse 'The Baby-sitters Club' novels will get e-book releases
As sirens blare, Israel seeks to punish Hamas without occupying Gaza (+video)
A role reversal as former colonies meet former colonists at Ibero-American summit
Energy Voices Report: hundreds of US coal-fired plants 'ripe for retirement'
GOP leaders Jindal, Christie, McDonnell, Walker begin jockeying for 2016
Stir It Up! Sweet potato cobbler
Opinion Obama is right to visit Myanmar (Burma)
Latin America Monitor Could Central American gangs usurp the role of Mexican cartels?
Backchannels For both Hamas and Israel, there are reasons to escalate (+video)
Taking a stand for fidelity
Saving Money How to pick the right credit card if you are retired
Japan dissolves Parliament, leaving government divided
Change Agent Volunteer Square matches willing helpers with charitable tasks
Croatian generals' war crime convictions overturned
How China views Obama's trip to Myanmar
Shirtless photo a joke says FBI agent in Petraeus scandal (+video)
Terrorism & Security Gaza: Brief cease-fire shattered, Israeli troops mass outside Strip (+video)
Obama kicks off 'fiscal cliff' negotiations with Congressional leaders Friday
Hostess Brands: Twinkies maker to close permanently (+video)
David Petraeus faces Congressional questions on Libya attack
Robert Reich A fiscal cliff 'mini-deal'?
Where Syria's opposition groups get their rockets (+video)
Energy Voices BP fined $4.5 billion in Gulf oil spill. Is it enough?