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Monitor Articles for November 15, 2012

Texas man denies guilt to the end
NASA: Astronauts could survive Mars radiation
Obama: Sandy recovery 'not going to be easy' (+video)
Will China's new leaders implement bold reforms?
Train hits float in Texas
Gaza: Egypt shows support of Hamas (+video)
US appeals court strikes down Michigan ban on affirmative action (+video)
Curiosity's unsung skill: scouting Mars for a human mission (+video)
Lessons from Sandy: how one community in storm's path kept lights on
Libya hearings: Will political vitriol squelch effort to improve security?
Global News Blog Why Mumbai is so gripped by the status of right-wing Bal Thackeray
The Simple Dollar For big savings, compare prices online
BP to pay $4.5 billion in fines for Gulf oil spill. Is legal saga over?
A bipartisan surge for Obama's second term? Most Americans doubt it.
'Fiscal cliff': With cuts of $4 billion looming, educators sound alarm
Petraeus scandal: Jill Kelley's South Korean link
How reliable are drought predictions? Study finds flaw in popular tool.
Stocks close lower after weak retail reports
Eyeing a Nintendo Wii U? Wait to buy one.
The Monitor's View China's new leaders can't rule by pedigree
President vows to stick by New York storm victims on Sandy recovery tour
Decoder Buzz Women step up in House GOP leadership. Why that's just a start.
Reinventing Bach
Decoder Buzz Has John Boehner really agreed to increase taxes on the rich?
Decoder Buzz Behind GOP critiques of Romney, jockeying for 2016 has begun (+video)
Latin America Monitor Should the US suspend Guatemalan deportations in light of the recent earthquake?
Susan Rice as Sec. of State? Sen. McCain pledges to block nomination. (+video)
Key test for Egypt's Morsi as Gaza conflict intensifies (+video)
Xi Jinping: A one-time 'princeling' takes China's reins (+video)
Global News Blog Where did 180 Russian websites go?
Vietnam's 'tiger' economy losing its roar
Stefan Karlsson Six types of European economic trends
Opinion In shifting sands of Middle East, who will lead? (+ video)
Change Agent Len Stanmore mixes adventure with helping others
Briefing Petraeus scandal: Did anything illegal happen? Five questions so far.
Billy Joel, Rihanna fight Pandora for royalty payments
A khat-free wedding becomes big news in Yemen
The untold story of Obama's youth vote victory
UN slams its own response to Sri Lanka's civil war
Monitor Breakfast Tax cuts as path to revenue growth? A 'fairy tale,' says Senator Schumer.
Reader recommendation: Lucky Girl
Paper Economy Jobless claims surge by 78,000
Opinion Letter to China's new leader, Xi Jinping (+ video)
Backchannels How many rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel this year?
Stir It Up! Spiced candied nuts
Maine GOP chairman: 'Dozens of black people' unfamiliar to local elections officials may be sign of voter fraud
Ireland: We will clarify abortion law to avoid tragedy repeat (+video)
Culture Cafe 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' trailer provides a glimpse into the supernatural story
Gigantic orphan planet: Homeless world hurtles through space without star (+video)
Modern Parenthood Rolling Stones at 50: A work ethic to raise kids by? (+video)
Chapter & Verse National Book Awards go to 'The Round House' and 'Behind the Beautiful Forevers'
Culture Cafe Elizabeth Banks joins a superhero movie with... Legos?
The Vote Romney blames 'gifts' on election loss. Bobby Jindal says: 'Wrong!' (+video)
Robert Reich Obama's grand bargain: broaden the base or tax the rich?
Contraception: UN says access is a human right, and a money saver
Pandas' oldest known ancestor found in surprising place
Jobless claims hit 18-month high thanks to Superstorm Sandy
Opinion Obama, Congress should push NATO missile defense program off 'fiscal cliff'
Living under rockets: How Israelis are coping (+video)
Texas day care trial: Jessica Tata lied about previous arson charge (+video)
Xi Jinping takes China's reins. Will he promote political reform? (+video)
Grateful teens
Why Susan Rice is being targeted by Republicans (+video)
Terrorism & Security France: Is it time to arm Syria's rebels?
Petraeus scandal: How did FBI agent know Jill Kelley?
Briefing What's the status of Egypt's Christians?
Facebook stock jumps even as lockup period expires
The Reformed Broker Bipartisan politics: 'Flexibility is patriotic.'
Energy Voices Has Obama turned a corner on climate change?
The New Economy Nutella tax: Is France taking austerity too far?