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Monitor Articles for November 12, 2012

US colleges, especially in Midwest, see record number of foreign students
The Entrepreneurial Mind Budgeting for entrepreneurs
How will Feds deal with marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington?
Stocks barely move as fiscal threat looms
Energy Voices Clean energy and the deeper meaning of hurricane Sandy
Modern Parenthood Norway and paternity leave: Father's day of a different kind
Inside Syria, rebels offer cautious support for unified council
Stefan Karlsson California now a liberal Democratic one-party state
Immigration reform: Can the GOP really win Hispanic votes with a flip-flop?
David Petraeus affair: Congress still wants him to testify, as questions grow
Energy Voices Does the IMF think we have a peak oil problem?
Could faulty furnace be behind fiery Indianapolis explosion?
Tax VOX Washington dances away from the fiscal cliff
Israeli tanks hit inside Syria, but Israel not eager to enter conflict
6 tips for new workers from 'The Young Professional's Survival Guide'
First NFL tie since 2008, between Rams and 49ers: What is this, soccer?
The Afghan expat's dilemma: Should I stay or should I go?
Laughing off Sandy with New York comedians
Will Brazil miss the goal with 2014 World Cup?
Following public outcry, Spain suspends evictions of those hit by economic crisis
Readers Write: US-NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan is complicated; Quran must be better understood
Paper Economy Recession is a real probability
Moderate Islamic preacher expected to unify Syrian opposition groups
Energy Voices California carbon market at risk amid opposition
US predicted to be world's largest oil producer by 2017
Amid scandal and new criticisms, BBC's news chief steps aside
Horizons Remembering Auguste Rodin, the French sculptor and artistic innovator
Cause of Indianapolis explosion still unknown
Robert Reich Democrats, Republicans play economic chicken over taxing the rich
Hostess Brands strike puts Twinkies maker in jeopardy (+video)
Progress Watch Young adults are earning college degrees at a record rate. Why?
'Disaster tourists' bring gawking and ethical questions to Sandy-hit areas
Latin America Monitor Latin American women: better educated, but still underpaid
Terrorism & Security What is The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces? (+video)
'One for the Books,' 'The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap' and 'My Bookstore'
Opinion Veterans Day: To regain trust, Congress should take a cue from US military
Obama reelection: a future for wind power?
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Kale and avocado salad