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Monitor Articles for November 11, 2012

Republicans, Democrats dance around the 'fiscal cliff'
Saving Money The election is over. What happens to all that campaign cash?
Focus Veterans Day: When vets run afoul of the law, these courts care
Syrian opposition groups unify, boosting prospects for outside support
BBC director resigns under fire, chairman says overhaul still needed
Israel fires warning shots into Syria for first time
Is the death of newspapers the end of good citizenship?
A news future in feisty upstarts?
Two weeks after Sandy, commutes still chaotic
Petraeus affair: From romantic jealousy to the downfall of 'King David'
Bipartisan immigration reform back on the table
Failing schools: Should we cut our losses, or fight to reform them?
Indianapolis neighborhood turned 'war zone' after fiery nighttime explosion
In Gear Suzuki cars leave the US. So should you buy one?
A dozen feared dead after quake rattles Myanmar
On Veterans Day, the greatest wound for many is loss of purpose
The Dutch woman who ran away with Colombia's FARC
Gas-to-liquids is a risky investment
AQ Khan: Father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb jumps into politics
Stir It Up! Scrambled egg and cheddar grilled cheese