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Monitor Articles for November 1, 2012

After Sandy, residents 'feeling anxious' about fuel supplies (+video)
Obama, Romney: Who will woo the most voters in the final days? (+video)
Saudi Arabia: Explosion topples building, burns cars (+video)
Hurricane Sandy: Were government warnings confusing?
Was Penn State's former president part of a 'conspiracy of silence'? (+video)
The Vote Sandy's political impact: Citing climate change, Bloomberg endorses Obama (+video)
Energy Voices Did hurricane Sandy bolster the case for 'green' energy?
Final pitch for Obama, Romney: Which one will convince voters about 'change'?
How Maryland's gay marriage vote could echo beyond blue states
Robert Reich Why Friday's jobs report should be taken with a grain of salt
Decoder Buzz Are we all 'Bronco Bamma' girl, so tired of election we could cry?
Economic toll of Sandy: Damage second only to Katrina?
Behind the US gambit to seek new anti-Assad leadership in Syria
Stocks rise on strong economic data
Horizons Judges say Apple statement on Samsung went too far
The Monitor's View The steady gain of humanity
In Sandy's aftermath, military brings rescue swimmers and 'bucket trucks'
Mob burns girls' school in Pakistani city over alleged blasphemy
New York subways roll, but road to recovery will be long ... and costly
Horizons In Sandy's wake, Verizon stores offer free charging, domestic calls
Energy Voices Gas prices continue post-Sandy drop
Paper Economy Jobless claims fall by 9,000
Decoder Buzz If Obama wins, how much credit goes to Chris Christie?
Are you a smart shopper? Take our quiz.
Stir It Up! Cinnamon nut crunch shortbread
Bronco Bama Girl: Tired of presidential politics! (+video)
Virginia Senate race: Why Tim Kaine, George Allen vie for bipartisan mantle
Backchannels Report: $800 million is snuck out of Iraq each week
Latin America Monitor Day of the Dead: Mexicans mourn loved ones
The New Economy High taxes don’t drive the rich out of California
NATO members need to step up, says UK defense minister
Opinion Lack of US, Western intervention in Syria helps jihadists
Support for jihadists in Syria swells as US backing of rebels falls short
Energy Voices Gas shortages, long lines add to post-Sandy misery (+video)
Decoder Buzz Obama vs. Romney: What do their schedules say about presidential race? (+video)
Many questions, few answers about loss of HMS Bounty to hurricane Sandy
Culture Cafe 'The Office' spin-off 'The Farm': What's its status?
Paper Economy Residential prices on the rise in Hong Kong
Modern Parenthood Anti-bullying: Gay agenda, or not, the most vulnerable are losing
Global News Blog All politics is local, even the US election as seen by Kenyans
Opinion To fight Taliban, US must give Afghanistan schools
Energy Voices Water delivery system makes up 12.6 percent of US energy consumption: report
11 best books of November, according to Amazon's editors
Opinion No mandate for either Mitt Romney or President Obama (+ video)
For some Syrian rebels, keeping classrooms open is key to fighting Assad
Latin America Monitor Bad boys: Brazil slaps misbehaving soccer players with service, not just suspensions
The Simple Dollar Save money with customer reward programs
Which candidate do you love more?
Air Force brawl: Unofficial Academy tradition results in melee, 27 injuries
China crackdown underscores nervousness ahead of key Communist party meeting
How to survive a shark attack? Punch the shark
Terrorism & Security US backs new Syrian opposition council in bid to unite rebels
Change Agent Zimbabwe turns to drought-resistant crops
Paper Economy Mortgage rates up from last week
Hollywood gets back to biblical
Verbal Energy The unbearable smartness of being