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Monitor Articles for October 8, 2012

The Vote In dedicating César Chávez monument, Obama reaches out to Latino voters
Decoder Buzz Romney foreign policy: How different from Obama's?
Can Mitt Romney sustain the momentum he gained from the debate?
A jolt to Libya's new democracy – but some progress, too
The Monitor's View China bashing in the presidential race
The Simple Dollar Are personal finance seminars for you? The pros and cons.
Modern Parenthood Kitchen knives: Teaching culinary conduct to three kids
Stocks fall on Asia's gloomy economic outlook
Gold prices dip. Pessimism or Columbus Day quiet?
Hugo Chávez to 'deepen' revolution as opponents miss mark
Code Pink joins Pakistani political party in anti-drone protest
John Lennon: 40 quotes on his birthday
Decoder Buzz Jon Stewart debates Bill O'Reilly: Who won?
Culture Cafe Seth MacFarlane hosts the Oscars: Excited? Maybe.
iPad school: New media is altering teaching style, creates digital students
Turkish president: Syria experiencing 'worst-case scenarios'
Modern Parenthood China adoption diary: Mom struggles to keep daughter afloat in school
Campaign 2012: Crunch time for Obama and Romney
Economist Mom Turning the fiscal cliff into a good thing
Barcelona vs Madrid: Battling on the soccer field and off
Columbus Day: Your guide to the top 5 political events today
Energy Voices Underestimating the dangers of peak oil and climate change
Modern Parenthood Orioles mom: There’s no princess in baseball, OK?
Latin America Monitor Rio's mayoral race: A new 'Al Gore' for Brazil?
Panetta cautions Latin America against using military as police force
The Simple Dollar College savings: What's the best investment plan?
Morocco admits to police abuse, tarnishing model response to Arab Spring
Readers Write: Can we teach robots to think ethically?
Greek union members arrested in anti-austerity protests
High hopes for Philippines peace deal with Muslim rebels
Wal-Mart launches prepaid card with American Express
Modern Parenthood Parenting in Mexico: Concern versus prescriptive advice
Global Viewpoint Slowdown of China's economy is pushing world toward another economic crisis (+video)
Romney takes aim at foreign policy, as eyes turn to VP debate
Israel strikes Gaza after exchange of air strikes Sunday
15 strange comments from 'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores'
Hugo Chávez wins Venezuelan presidential election
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Roasted squash and cashew salad
Energy Voices California moves to ease sky-high gas prices. How soon will they fall?