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Monitor Articles for October 5, 2012

How Abu Hamza's extradition could create a mess for Obama
Robert Reich Jobs report: Obama's sigh of relief
Decoder Buzz Presidential debate 101: Did Obama really double the deficit?
Stocks barely flinch after good jobs report
Paper Economy Employers add 114,000 jobs in September
Will black voters give Obama what he needs in Southern swing states?
Daryl Hannah makes 'Splash' with Texas arrest
Decoder Buzz Unemployment rate tampering? Why conspiracy theorists went wild.
Backchannels Libya attack: Congressmen casting blame voted to cut diplomatic security budget
Modern Parenthood Rescue dog: Rule breaker or just plain cute? Pawing the line
Does Ivanishvili's win put Georgia back in Russia's orbit?
Horizons A year after losing Steve Jobs, how has Apple changed?
Horizons It's official: Windows Phone 8 will launch October 29th
Chapter & Verse Google and publishers reach settlement on digitized books case
Tortured Kenyans win historic ruling in Britain
Decoder Buzz Post debate, some ask: What happened to the charismatic Obama of 2008?
Baseball playoffs: Win and you're in on Wild Card Friday
Horizons Galaxy S III delivers: Samsung enjoys record sales
The Reformed Broker The benevolence of up-markets
Global News Blog Egypt's leading female voice for change warns that revolution is backsliding
Ann Romney to host GMA. Will Michelle Obama follow?
The 20 most fascinating accidental inventions
'Sister': A terrific, sad movie about childhood lived on the edge
School schedule: Reforming traditions in France
'The House I Live In': movie review
Decoder Buzz Mitt Romney repudiates '47 percent' remarks. Why now?
Oppan Gangnam Style! Psy comes home to Korea in triumph.
Energy Voices Gas prices: Can the economy weather another rise to $4 gas?
Will jobs report give a timely lift to Obama's record on the economy?
Liam Neeson stars in 'Taken 2': movie review
Abu Hamza al-Masri extradition to US 'may proceed immediately,' British court rules (+video)
Paper Economy Unemployment rate drops to 7.8 percent
Change Agent Alice Walker: 'Go to the places that scare you'
Stir It Up! Fontina mac and cheese
Modern Parenthood Giuliana Rancic's baby trains for Chicago Marathon
Energy Voices Oil markets limp into fourth quarter
Opinion In quest for jobs, Fed chair Bernanke's money spigot hurts economy in long run
Hugo Chávez vs Henrique Capriles: Venezuelan vote will have regional impact
Donald Marron A good jobs report
Steve Jobs biography: Best business book of the year?
Latin America Monitor Aid that works: A new road, farmer co-op revitalizes rural El Salvador
American kills hotel chef in Israel, then is killed by police
China landslide death toll rises to 19
Modern Parenthood College applications: Beyond test scores and competition
In Libya, a patchwork of militias keeping the peace, and straining it
Why Mars rover will shake and shimmy for eight straight hours
Battleground Virginia: Is Mitt Romney's debate showing a game-changer? (+video)
Terrorism & Security Responses to Syrian shelling highlight Turkish-Western divide on conflict (+video)
Jobless rate falls below 8 percent for the first time in nearly four years
Energy Voices Walmart, Costco among top solar-using companies
The simple art of trusting, dog style
Fungal meningitis cases spotlight risks from custom-mixed drugs
The X Factor Boot Camp: Contestants crumble under pressure
American Airlines cancels nearly 100 flights to fix loose seats
Economist Mom Presidential debate: The details (or lack thereof) of Romney's tax plan
Difference Maker She offers ex-cons in Chicago a honey of a second chance
Top Picks: Ruth Rendell's new mystery, 'Little Shop of Horrors' on Blu-ray, and more
Verbal Energy Flying to center field with the boys of autumn
Zynga, maker of 'FarmVille,' expects 3Q loss
Energy Voices California gas prices surge: 20 cents overnight in some places (+video)
San Francisco: New archbishop is anti-gay marriage (+video)