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Monitor Articles for October 30, 2012

Did global warming cause superstorm Sandy? (+video)
Syria: Airstrikes mark the end of a supposed 'ceasefire' (+video)
Wild boar attacks four people in Berlin
Christie and Obama to tour damaged areas together (+video)
Hurricane Sandy: How long will the recovery take? (+video)
Mitt Romney plans Pennsylvania ad blitz. Can he turn state red?
Air travel still clogged by hurricane Sandy, but some flights resume (+video)
Supreme Court to consider how and when police can use drug-sniffing dogs
Hurricane Sandy response: Officials get good marks, so far
Stir It Up! A spooky supper: Calabaza soup with spider web cream
HMS Bounty casualty claimed tie to mutinous Fletcher Christian
New York Stock Exchange will reopen Wednesday (+video)
New York reels from hurricane Sandy: 'Unprecedented ... is what we got.'
Robert Reich Romney's deceit
Hurricane Sandy puts renewed pressure on food supply in Haiti (+video)
Hurricane Sandy: with 8.1 million in the dark, utility crews get busy
The Monitor's View After superstorm Sandy, is there really a Romney-Obama feud over FEMA?
Decoder Buzz Is Mitt Romney ad on Jeep jobs misleading?
Horizons Powerhouse Google Nexus 4 set for November launch
Hurricane Sandy suspends presidential campaign? Hardly. (+video)
In Gear Study: Americans happier with auto insurance despite rising costs
The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
'And Now We Shall Do Manly Things': 5 stories from a writer exploring hunting culture
'Sinister' is made even spookier with its unnerving soundtrack
'Mao: The Real Story' and 'Former People'
Iranian warships dock in Sudan after alleged Israeli airstrikes
Reader recommendation: World Enough and Time
Global Viewpoint Europe must overcome the politics of fear around the debt crisis
Prospect of show trial stirs some Russians' memories of Stalinism
Urban gardening on the rise in Mexico City
The Simple Dollar Shopping is not a solution to boredom
HMS Bounty: the inside story of its final days (+video)
Culture Cafe 'Anderson Live' ending: Anderson Cooper's talk show will wrap after this summer
Sandy, unspent, moves toward Great Lakes. How much more rain, snow?
Opinion The aftermath of superstorm Sandy and the land of opportunity
Did Mitt Romney suggest eliminating FEMA? (+video)
Energy Voices Sandy vs. Katrina: differences in their impact on gas and oil
Focus What will the Afghanistan war legacy be?
Latin America Monitor Brazil laying down the law
Hillary Clinton visits Balkans to keep Dayton agreement on track
Could the 49ers pick up where San Francisco’s Giants left off? A Week 8 NFL quiz
Progress Watch Neither heat nor gloom ... Afghan post office delivers
Chapter & Verse A donated library book hides a surprise
Chapter & Verse 'Kite Runner' author Khaled Hosseini will release a new novel this spring
The Simple Dollar How to budget entertainment spending
Chapter & Verse Hurricane Sandy's predecessor, the Great Hurricane of 1938: What can we learn from it?
If the Bible could tweet on the US election campaign
Yemenis suspect Iran's hand in rise of Shiite rebels
Mitt Romney misleads in Ohio auto bailout ad
Stir It Up! Homemade sweet-and-sour pork
Terrorism & Security Myanmar unrest threatens to destabilize democracy and region
Energy Voices Will falling gas prices hurt Romney's campaign?
Opinion China isn't a threat to America. It's an opportunity. (+video)
Change Agent Red Cross urges countries to relax rules for forced migrants
Pirate attacks off Somalia plummet thanks to navies, armed guards
Superstorm Sandy: Where is it heading now? (+video)
Energy Voices Hurricane Sandy cuts power for millions. Why aren't utility lines underground?
Global News Blog China's leadership shakeup: Am I an unfortunate casualty?
Ford Motor Company: Europe spoils strong US earnings (+video)
'Superstorm' Sandy: Assessing the damage the morning after (+video)
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