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Monitor Articles for October 27, 2012

Entrepreneur tries to get Yemenis buzzing about coffee, not qat
In Gear Yes, your gas mileage may vary. It's ok.
Racial attitudes have not improved in the four years since Obama took office
How the 2014 elections tip prospects for a 'grand bargain' on US deficits
Hurricane Sandy: how utilities are planning for power outages
Latin America Monitor More migration reform: Cuba opens door to many illegal emigres and defectors
Saving Money The 4 best (and worst) return policies this holiday shopping season
In world first, biggest refugee camp gets university
World Series news: Security in Detroit, a symphonic wager, and all those Venezuelans
Benghazi attack: Urgent call for military help ‘was denied by chain of command’
Massachusetts tackles the medical marijuana question
Russian hydroelectric project strengthens bond with Kyrgyzstan
The Simple Dollar Share little-used equipment with friends and neighbors; save money
Energy Voices Using a generator for hurricane Sandy? Here are four safety tips.
Sudanese rebels shell southern city during visit by defense minister
Hurricane Sandy liveblog: What to expect Saturday night and Sunday (+video)
Penn State holds child abuse prevention conference
Obama vs. Romney: Who has the momentum?
Campaigning with an eye on the storm
North America's oil bonanza creates a railroad boom
Major natural gas find by Saudis. A shift ahead?
The New Economy Sensible credit-card reform doesn’t make you anti-mom
Stir It Up! Edible Books: A book club for food lovers