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Monitor Articles for October 23, 2012

Mourdock's rape remarks are not Romney's views, says spokeswoman (+video)
On the sun: Massive solar flare unleashed (+video)
Tropical Storm Sandy threatens Jamaica (+video)
New Jersey teens charged with murder (+video)
What kind of shark attacked on California coast? (+video)
Lab that made tainted steroid shots to get 'CSI' treatment (+video)
Voter fraud warning on billboards: meant to inform or intimidate?
Can Mitt Romney sway Jewish voters with 'apology tour' quip?
The Simple Dollar How Facebook can save you money
Briefing Third-party candidates make their case for the White House
Can the iPad Mini compete with Amazon and Google tablets? (+video)
Presidential debate 101: Does Romney have 'economic policies of the 1920s'?
Decoder Buzz Presidential debate 101: Does US military still use horses and bayonets?
Progress Watch Why Miami-Dade schools won prestigious Broad Prize for urban districts
Bestselling books the week of 10/25/12, according to IndieBound*
3 new novels about young adults who go to war
Reader recommendation: Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Friend, foe, or faux? Six take-aways from the final presidential debate.
Stir It Up! After last night's debate, which candidate would you eat a burger with?
Horizons SmartGlass hits Xbox as Windows 8 hits desktops
Honey Boo Boo fake snores in Dr. Drew’s face: Too much TV for the kid? (+video)
Energy Voices Obama, Romney ignore climate change, but so do voters (+video)
Global News Blog In debate, Romney reiterates Russia is 'geopolitical foe' of US
More Americans tap retirement funds. Is that OK?
In Gear Chevrolet Volt gets software update to avoid stalling
Apple introduces two new iPads, new Macs
Culture Cafe Will Stephen Colbert appear in 'The Hobbit'?
Walmart legal troubles mount as Black Friday walkout looms
The Monitor's View A recovery theme in Romney-Obama presidential debate
Presidential debates: why $600 billion 'fiscal cliff' was barely mentioned (+video)
The Reformed Broker Can the iPad Mini save the market from bad Q3 reports?
Chapter & Verse Millennials: a rising generation of booklovers
Is Apple fandom a religion? (+video)
Latin America Monitor Latin American low-skilled labor flocks to Brazil's jobs
Obama enjoys comfortable edge over Romney - in Ireland
Presidential debate 101: Did Obama make 'apology tour' in Middle East?
Stir It Up! Pippa Middleton book: How good are these royal recipes?
In Russia, with love? Ukraine president meets Putin as options dwindle.
Opinion In presidential debate, President Obama is no dove, and Mitt Romney is no hawk (+video)
Modern Parenthood Princess Sofia and Skinny Minnie: Disney characters suffer backlash
Taylor Swift review: 'Red' is a disappointing effort
Global News Blog South Korea fails to thwart activists from sending candy and socks to North Korea
Ahmadinejad denied prison visit in Iran, a sign of his lame duck status
Energy Voices Natural gas and unconventional oil jobs: 1.7 million and counting
Dow falls more than 200 after weak corporate earnings
Chinese find some unexpected moments in US presidential debate
Culture Cafe New 'Iron Man' villain appears in the trailer for the third film (+video)
Change Agent Wildlife in Crisis helps 5,000 animals return to the wild each year
What would you pay for an iPad Mini?
Opinion Presidential debate: Romney and Obama bring it back home (+video)
Latin America Monitor Bolivia plans crackdown on cars-for-cocaine trade
Chapter & Verse Clark Kent quits Daily Planet gig in newest Superman issue
With 60,000 dead, Mexicans wonder why drug war doesn't rate in presidential debate
Aaron, Eli, and Andrew: quarterbacks on parade. A Week 7 NFL quiz
Robert Reich Presidential debate: Obama as Commander-in-Chief, Romney as banal bully
Bullying mother: N.J. mom boards bus, confronts fourth-graders
Afghans on the debate: We're okay with not being talked about
Terrorism & Security Qatari emir comes to Gaza bearing gifts – maybe with some strings attached
Opinion Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney claim liberal media bias, but reporters just do their jobs
Toy hippo, fish join new astronauts in flight to space station
Pippa Middleton book deal worth some $640,000
Cheerleading safety: It's a sport, not a frivolity, say doctors
Horizons Apple will introduce iPad Mini as the perfect student tablet: report
Horses and bayonets and other presidential debate tweets (+video)
Presidential debate: After foreign-policy moment, it's back to Ohio (+video)
Energy Voices Canadians could free themselves from oil imports, but will they?
Silent self
Stock futures quietly await debate fallout, Facebook earnings
FAMU band hazing death: first defendant gets probation
Focus Obama or Romney: Whose debt reduction plan does history favor?
The Simple Dollar Block parties: A free, fun way to meet your neighbors
Who won presidential debate? Both Obama and Romney, maybe (+video).