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Monitor Articles for October 20, 2012

Stop the presses! A tally of newspaper endorsements for president
Modern Parenthood Orionid meteor shower: Wake the kids, make a memory
In Gear Braking, now steering: Is Nissan driving for us?
In town seen as pro-Qaddafi, settling of scores shifts into standoff with government
Why the Benghazi terrorist attack still dogs Obama
Latin America Monitor Breaking through the political echo chamber in Venezuela
Saving Money The woman who paid down $120K in credit card debt in five years
‘Beetlejuice’ sparks? Meteor shower brings 'shooting stars' and 'earthgrazers'
Energy Voices Pirates continue disruption of Niger Delta oil trade
Anxious Turks suspect US plot is behind Syria's implosion
George Zimmerman judge OKs question: Who was the real Trayvon Martin?
Sunscreen recall: Banana Boat spray-ons can catch on fire
The Simple Dollar Youth volunteering is well worth your time
Scout abuse files release sparks public interest
Romney’s wavering path on abortion. Do voters care?
Burma just opened up after 50 years. But where are all the tourists?
Stir It Up! Pumpkin raisin muffins
Google could disappear in five years. Here's why.