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Monitor Articles for October 19, 2012

9/11 trial: Did US have improper influence? Lawyer asks judge for help.
Mystery in Gulf of Mexico: Why is oil leaking from Deepwater disaster site?
Presidential debate 101: Does Romney want extra $2 trillion for Pentagon?
In Gear Forget range anxiety, Volt owners have gas anxiety
Set aside debate over Romney tax math: Is tax reform a good idea?
Horizons At $249, new Google Chromebook aims to undercut Macs and PCs on price
Horizons iPad Mini set to debut Oct. 23, arrive on doorsteps Nov. 2: report
Unemployment rates fall in most swing states. Why that may not help Obama.
Stocks down as weak earnings drag market lower
Good Samaritan rescues 2-year-old kidnapped girl
The Simple Dollar The 401(k): an introduction
The Big Screen
Orionid meteor shower: Watch for fireballs during weekend peak
Beirut bombing kills anti-Assad official, bringing Syrian war to Lebanon
Can Republicans increase their ranks of governors? Four races to watch.
Uruguay's Senate approves abortion bill: Will there be a ripple effect?
Paper Economy Home sales fall 1.7 percent in September
Chapter & Verse CBS will air a sneak peek at Steven Spielberg's new biopic 'Lincoln'
Chapter & Verse 'CBS This Morning Reads' kick off with ‘Team of Rivals’
Polish city of Wroclaw comes to terms with its German past
Baby elephant rescue video: It doesn't get any more heartwarming
The Vote Senate race? What Senate race? Why Virginians pay a big race little heed.
Energy Voices Georgia installs soccer star as energy minister
Modern Parenthood Binders full of women: Inane office supply focus misses the point
Alex Cross: Why the movie doesn't measure up
Opinion 50 years after Cuban missile crisis: 5 ways US must promote nuclear nonproliferation
Trayvon Martin shooting: Should victim's high school file be made public?
In Gear Are hybrid stereotypes a thing of the past?
Culture Cafe 'Animal Practice' is canceled – which NBC show is taking its slot?
Bangladesh worries plot to blow up the Federal Reserve will hurt moderate image
A middle school turns out chess champions in 'Brooklyn Castle'
Helen Hunt stars in 'The Sessions' (+trailer)
10 more odd remarks from 'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores'
Energy Voices Finally, gas prices begin to fall
Chapter & Verse 'Who Could That Be at This Hour?': Lemony Snicket's new book discusses his childhood
Two brothers win the lottery, cash in six years later
Chapter & Verse Man Asian Literary Prize loses funding
Change Agent An entrepreneurial approach to sanitation
The Simple Dollar Game night offers a low-cost evening of laughs
Opinion Millennial generation could kill the NFL
Dinesh D'Souza: Why did he resign from King's College?
In break from tense campaign, Obama and Romney score laughs with standup routines
Battleground Virginia: Defense cuts loom large in key US Senate race
'Breaking up is hard to do'
Mars rover begins munching dirt, finds weird bright stuff (+video)
Modern Parenthood Rescue Dog: Albie leads a “dog’s life” – in a good way
Terrorism & Security China's naval exercises in East China Sea send warning to regional rivals
Shot Pakistani girl Malala Yousufzai 'doing well': On her feet and writing (+video)
Global News Blog Good reads: a 'hidden' nuclear crisis, how China sees the US, and 'Chilecon Valley'
In Gear Fisker Karma gets cameo in Harrison Ford thriller
Difference Maker Steven Amstrup says it's not too late to save polar bears – and ourselves
Horizons Google's lackluster earnings report leaks early, sending stock into a slump
Stir It Up! Pumpkin-ginger bundt cakes with browned butter glaze
Top Picks: A lost interview with Steve Jobs, a PBS documentary on the Cuban missile crisis, and more
Microsoft earnings: a miss. Its new era? Unclear.
In Gear 2014 Corvette so different, GM will shut down plant to retool