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Monitor Articles for October 18, 2012

Syria: Airstrikes leave dozens dead
Extreme global warming caused devastating die-off
Gay marriage to Supreme Court? More likely after latest rejection of DOMA.
Boy Scouts child abuse files: Can the organization withstand their release? (+video)
Presidential debate 101: Does $25,000 deduction cap make Romney tax math work? (+video)
Libya: Militia commander under investigation (+video)
New York terror case: Is recruitment process for foreign students flawed?
For Mars rover Curiosity, at last, it's dinnertime. On the menu: dirt.
Mystery deepens about US enemy No. 1 in Libya
Robert Reich How Obama can defeat Romney: Break up the big banks.
Culture Cafe 'American Horror Story': Did the season 2 premiere measure up to last year's episodes?
Decoder Buzz Presidential debate 101: Where did Romney get those 'binders full of women'?
Spike in assaults leads US violent crime rate to first increase since '93
9/11 cases: Do broad constitutional rights apply to Guantánamo detainees?
Gloomy Google report hurts Nasdaq; Stocks fall
Herman Melville books: At first, 'Moby Dick' was a total flop
Backchannels What really happened in Benghazi?
Tax VOX The real lesson about capping itemized deductions
The Vote Presidential debate: How would you rate this musical parody? (+video)
Bullet tax? Chicago eyes curbing violence, raising money.
NY appeals court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act, joining Boston court
Decoder Buzz What women want: Is it abortion, contraception, and equal pay – or jobs? (+video)
Horizons Twitter bans Neo-Nazi group, a first for the website
Clean Water Act at 40: Is it failing to meet new pollution challenges?
Google's big miss highlights Wall Street's big worry (+video)
Pakistanis debate real enemy: girl-shooting Taliban or drone-firing US
Should military veterans endorse presidential candidates?
The Fish That Ate the Whale
Is that online review a fake?
Culture Cafe Herman Melville book 'Moby-Dick' on screen stretches from Gregory Peck to 'Futurama'
The Circle Bastiat Nobel prize for economics: A win for the narrow view
Reader recommendation: The Bluebird Effect
Chapter & Verse Amazon struggles to get its books onto the bestseller charts
Decoder Buzz Bruce Springsteen's letter: supporting Obama, despite 'rough ride' (+video)
The Monitor's View Let us now praise the popularity of presidential debates
Moon formed from humongous Earth collision, new theories attempt to explain
Energy Voices EU expands sanctions on Iran
Colombia-FARC peace talks: 5 ways the Left lives on in Latin America
Decoder Buzz Presidential debate 101: When did Obama label Libya attack 'terror'?
Dolphins able to sleep with half their brains, stay awake for two weeks straight
Stir It Up! Pumpkin poppers
Opinion The men behind schoolgirl Malala
Mark Strong, Zumba sex case co-defendant, says he broke no laws
Global News Blog Putin joins pajama workforce, decides to work from home
Modern Parenthood Bully study hype? Do 80% in high school really see bullying weekly?
Paper Economy Jobless claims jump by 46,000
Space shuttle Endeavour's L.A. journey subject of beautiful time-lapse video
Eurozone summit: Will EU get veto over national budgets?
Energy Voices Will tiny nanowires double the power of solar cells?
Opinion Missing from Colombia, FARC peace negotiations: women
Backchannels There will be no cease-fire in Syria
Opinion R.I.P. town-hall presidential debates
Culture Cafe Jessica Sanchez: 'Glee' to open spot for American Idol runner-up
How will FARC peace talks play out in rural Colombia?
Earth-size Alpha Centauri B planet detected by telltale star wobble
Chapter & Verse Superman rights stay with Warner Bros.
Mitt Romney's five sons: What's their role in the campaign?
Latin America Monitor Honduras to reevaluate gun control laws: How will it impact violence in the region?
The Simple Dollar The thrifty joy of hosting a potluck
Jobless claims jump 46,000 – but on a technicality
Texas cheerleaders fight ban on biblical banners at football games
Tiny ancient critter hitched rides on insect wings
China economy hits bottom. Time to buy stocks?
No surprise to students: College debt is up 5 percent for Class of 2011
Malala Yousafzai and the meekness and might of innocence
Change Agent Brass City Harvest brings fresh food to an urban 'desert'
Sprint to gain control of Clearwire
Newsweek to drop print for all-digital editions
Arrests of US sailors in Okinawa reignites opposition to bases (+video)
Buy a ring, get a free gun, jeweler offers
Terrorism & Security Cease-fire in Syria? Support from Iran and Turkey boosts UN envoy's bid
Modern Parenthood Kids need sleep: Study shows the difference a half-hour makes
Raising the Costa Concordia, the biggest sea salvage operation ever (+video)
Horizons Herman Melville books: Remembering the author of 'Moby Dick'
Tax VOX How much revenue would a cap on itemized deductions raise?
Verbal Energy Walking back, to avoid climbing down
Australia, India to begin uranium talks
Flight attendants: Pay is less, but American has openings
Average student debt rises. Again.
Herman Melville's "Moby Dick": 10 most memorable lines