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Monitor Articles for January 9, 2012

Horizons CES 2012: IdeaTab 'transformer' turns tablet into a laptop
Jon Huntsman banks on his 'Reagan moment' in New Hampshire (+video)
Supreme Court justices face tangled mess with Texas redistricting plan
Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs loses phone privileges
On the Economy Did seasonal hiring inflate the strong jobs report?
White House chief of staff resigns at crucial moment for Obama (+video)
Rick Santorum sweater vest: 'What not to wear' or sleeveless genius?
Dodge Dart returns at Detroit Auto Show, 36 years after ceasing production
Newly discovered carnivorous plant devours underground worms
Scientists unveil biggest ever map of universe's dark matter
The Circle Bastiat Ron Paul: 'We are all Austrians now.'
The Vote South Carolina test: How GOP rivals could derail a Romney coronation
Global News Blog Pride in a humble pie in Scotland
Stocks drift higher on yet another slow trading day
Latin America Monitor US expels Venezuelan diplomat as Ahmadinejad makes Latin America tour
Culture Cafe 'Star Trek 2': J.J. Abrams discusses 3-D, Benedict Cumberbatch
The Vote Todd Palin endorses Newt Gingrich. Is Sarah next?
The Monitor's View Arab Spring justice – but a free pass for Yemen's Saleh
After sodomy acquittal, Malaysia's Anwar pressing for power
Donald Marron Jobs picture improves, but there's still a long way to go
Underground Iran nuclear enrichment makes diplomatic path suddenly rockier (+video)
Global News Blog Parliament to 'Booze Britain': Try temperance – at least twice a week
Africa Monitor Why Nigerians are in an 'occupy' mood (+video)
4 great book trailers
Scientists 'see' dark matter web for first time
Ron Paul's intense following contains seeds of disaster for GOP (+video)
Backchannels Iran sentences an American to death: the history of such 'spies' (+video)
Horizons 2013 Ford Fusion branded as 'new face' of Ford
10 books for a good cry
An end to cut, cut, cut? Merkel and Sarkozy agree to focus on growth.
Chapter & Verse New book on Obamas says there were clashes between Michelle and aides
BCS National Championship Game: LSU vs. Alabama in football rematch heaven (+video)
Chapter & Verse Former Tiger Woods coach says his book will not 'take jabs at anyone'
The Reformed Broker A brave new mutual fund
The Vote Anti-Romney ads on Bain Capital: Whose is toughest? (+video)
'Extinct' humongous Galapagos tortoise could be making a comeback
Millions of barefoot Filipino Catholics defy terror warning
Progress Watch US crime rate at lowest point in decades. Why America is safer now.
Is new Supreme Court ruling a retreat from Citizens United?
Tim Tebow: Denver Broncos upset shows why he never needs to be great
Thirty ideas from people under 30: The Social Media Stars
Africa Monitor Oh snap! Bungee jumper plunges into Zambezi River at Victoria Falls
BCS National Championship Game: It’s Alabama football quiz time!
Malaysia opposition leader Anwar acquitted of sodomy charge
Paper Economy Full time unemployment drops
BCS National Championship Game: It's LSU football quiz time!
Opinion Obama's 'new' defense goals aren't new – and neither are the flaws in his strategy
'World's most expensive book' has collectors chirping
The Vote Chris Christie wows New Hampshire crowd. Romney-Christie ticket, anyone? (+video)
'The Devil Inside' scares up a monstrous $34.5 million opening weekend
Alaska town tries to dig out after three weeks of relentless snow
Stefan Karlsson No, machines aren't stealing our jobs
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Coconut ginger vegetable soup
Space station crosses in front of moon in amazing photograph
NASA questions Apollo 13 cmdr's right to sell list
Change Agent Lisa Trainer films the remarkable return of the 'Lady of the Loch'
Rep. Giffords leads Tucson shooting remembrance
Opinion Selling organs to pay off debt: Microfinance needs reforms
Kate Middleton celebrates quiet 30th after gala premiere
New Hampshire primary: the battle for second place – and a ticket to S.C. (+video)
Papa John's apologizes for racial slur
Long lived Mars rover picks prime spot to weather winter
Why Musharraf is risking a return to Pakistan
Oil prices edge up to near $102 a barrel
Looking for your Soul-mate?
Global News Blog Nigeria's double trouble: nationwide fuel strike and 'ban' on Christians
Latin America Monitor Iran is not the only 'pariah' looking to Latin America
As Syria unravels, prices soar for guns, grenades, and RPGs
Terrorism & Security Iran sentences American to death for spying
US foes unite: Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega cozies up to Iran's Ahmadinejad
Supreme Court to hear case of dream home quashed by EPA
Europe's Angry Muslims
Reader recommendation: The Shack