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Monitor Articles for January 6, 2012

The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for Jan. 2-6, 2012
Joran van der Sloot may be ready to confess to Peruvian murder (+video)
A real-life 'Avatar'? Search begins for moons that could support life.
Indiana union bill: Even with Dems AWOL, lawmakers move closer to vote
The Vote New Hampshire primary: Will youth vote bring it on Tuesday?
The Reformed Broker The 'Moneyball' effect hits the markets
Malfunctioning Russian probe spotted hurtling through space backward (+video)
Good news on jobs fails to lift stocks
Is California Gov. Jerry Brown's 'ransom' budget an empty threat?
The Monitor's View Arabs, like others, don't buy into abuse of historic grievances
Horizons Is Siri a data hog? New study finds iPhone data usage soaring.
'Downton Abbey': 10 highlights from the new book
Does drug dog sniff outside home violate privacy? Supreme Court takes case. (+video)
Stuxnet cyberweapon looks to be one on a production line, researchers say
Paper Economy Private employment up in December
4 great political books you've never heard of
Africa Monitor Democratic Republic of Congo: Another atrocity in the making?
Horizons Facebook worm compromises up to 45,000 accounts
'Downton Abbey': catch up before the season 2 premiere
10 roles that earned Meryl Streep Oscar nominations
Culture Cafe 'Merlin' returns for a new season: a preview
Norwegian Wood: movie review
Pina: movie review
John Mellencamp: It's About You: movie review
Backchannels US democracy NGOs in Egypt still shuttered
US Navy rescues Iranians from Somali pirates – no 'thank you' expected
The Vote Rick Santorum compares gay marriage to polygamy. Will that help him with GOP?
Mistakenly deported US teen coming home. Was she victim or adventurer?
Thirty ideas from people under 30: The Faith Leaders
5 clues to what 2012 holds for Latin America's economy
On the Economy Jobless rate falls to 8.5 percent
Latin America Monitor Chile textbook controversy: Pinochet's rule now a military 'regime,' not a 'dictatorship'
The New Economy Darth Vader burger? A black bun? Oui!
Dog survives Montana avalanche, returns after four days
Penn State attempts to move past scandal by hiring Patriots' Bill O'Brien, reports say
The Ron Paul effect: How he is altering Republican primary calculus
Unemployment rate falls to 8.5%; GOP still using jobs as battering ram (+video)
China's new European trade hub: An Irish town of 18,000
Stir It Up! Black bean soup with cumin and salsa verde
Readers Write: Tebow should kneel off the field; prophets of hope, not doom
Backchannels In Syria, peaceful protests – but also signs of growing violence (+videos)
Paper Economy Unemployment rate drops to 8.5 percent
Change Agent Henry Red Cloud: a solar warrior for native America
Global Viewpoint Turkey and Iran carve up a ruptured Arab world
What the execution of 15 kidnapped Pakistani soldiers means
Nearly 15 tons of failed Russian Mars probe could slam into Earth Jan. 15
Latin America Monitor Fidel Castro death rumor shows paradoxes in Cuba
Africa Rising: Sub-Saharan Africa set for 2012 boom
Scientists create race of supersoldier ants
A Slave in the White House
Reader recommendation: Hunter
Africa Monitor Ethiopia enters Somalia, but avoids African Union joint operation
The Simple Dollar How much money do you really make?
Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods' ex-wife, tears down $12 million mansion (+video)
Opinion What does Play-Doh have to do with Plato? A mother's battle with the college essay
Joran van der Sloot murder trial in Peru postponed (+video)
Reformed Van Halen performs intimate NYC gig
Climate change models flawed, extinction rate likely higher than predicted
Global News Blog In China, cat soup to die for?
Why Ron Paul, graybeard of GOP race, lights up the youth vote
Rick Santorum gains in N.H., but Mitt Romney still leads, says new poll
Global News Blog World reacts to Obama's new military focus on Asia
Why Rick Perry is staying in the GOP race
Unbreakable bond
China stays cool as new US defense strategy targets Asia
Terrorism & Security Turkey jails former leader of its once-exalted military
Stock market divide: Asia down, Europe up
Stefan Karlsson Yearly roundup of world currencies: The yen, the rupee, and everything in between
Horizons Upcoming Google tablet takes aim at Kindle Fire: report
Horizons Meet the Nokia Lumia 710, the entry-level Windows phone