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Monitor Articles for January 4, 2012

Santorum challenges Romney despite minimal budget, staff
Horizons Visiting the US? Forgot your passport? Try your iPad.
Did $98.5 billion high-speed rail project just hit a wall in California?
The Reformed Broker The Fed's new openness policy will create confusion, not clarity
Time cloaking: how scientists opened a hidden gap in time
New Yahoo CEO arrives: why his company isn't dead yet
Stocks quiet, but gain for second straight day
Big Three report booming sales for 2011 as Americans unload old cars
Egypt elections: Illiterate voters just one hurdle in path toward democracy (+Video)
Bestselling books the week of 1/5/12, according to IndieBound*
Cowboy culture in suburban Bavaria: 'Wilkommen pardner!'
The Vote Iowa caucus results: Where does Ron Paul go from here? (+Video)
6 moments that changed a life
Green Economics Will global warming wipe out our food supply?
Culture Cafe 'Revenge,' 'Happy Endings' are two of 2011's TV highlights
The scold in Mother Nature's cold: It's winter! Wear a coat! (VIDEO)
Chapter & Verse Costa Book Awards are dominated by newcomers
Arab League signals mounting frustration with Syria
At CES, the real arrival of a new HDTV standard
Rick Santorum: Will Iowa 'rocket boost' propel him in New Hampshire?
Stephen Lawrence case: 'turning point' in Britain's racism debate (VIDEO)
Thirty ideas from people under 30: The Politicians
Should we design robots to be more like velociraptors?
Global News Blog Brazil uses soccer to bring down the murder rate
How genetically engineered caterpillars spin silk stronger than steel
Iowa caucuses confirm evangelicals reject Romney. What else do they show?
The Monitor's View And the winner in Iowa is ... baby-kissing retail politics
Gold prices: Traders who missed lows wait for a dip
Global News Blog Bomb Iran? Where Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum stand.
L.A. arson spree: Investigators drill down on motive
Global News Blog Iran's currency crash a blow to Ahmadinejad
North Korea military has an edge over South, but wouldn't win a war, study finds
Rick Perry tweets that he's still in the GOP hunt
Yeti crabs and ghost octopuses! Antarctic deep-sea vents a trove of new species.
The Simple Dollar How to live within your paycheck
Opinion From an ex-CIA spy: US must exploit new split in Iran's Revolutionary Guard
Hosni Mubarak ordered shoot-to-kill at Tahrir Square, say prosecutors
The Vote Why did Michele Bachmann's campaign crater?
Stir It Up! Stocking your 'real food' kitchen
Opinion Obama must keep US military in Afghanistan to counter China, Russia
Taliban talks: Does Mullah Omar speak for his footsoldiers?
Stefan Karlsson Permanent vs. temporary tax cuts
Change Agent Jason F. McLennan brings buildings to life
Tax VOX Rick Santorum's tax plan explained
The Daily Reckoning Are gold prices dropping for good?
Are Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry out of the GOP race?
Global News Blog Buckle up. Talking with the Taliban won't be easy.
German mother of L.A. arsons suspect asks if 'Nazis' took her son
Creative ideas and the Mind that inspires
How GOP's rising Rick Santorum could compete through Super Tuesday
Latin America Monitor Dim forecast for security in Honduras in 2012
iPad rumors point to big year for Apple
Tech stocks: No shine for chipmakers till later in 2012
Terrorism & Security Arab League's Syria mission faces mounting criticism
Backchannels Egypt's big battle: Muslim Brotherhood vs. the military
The Circle Bastiat Is frankincense doomed?
The Man Within My Head
Reader recommendation: The Balkan Trilogy