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Monitor Articles for January 30, 2012

Facebook IPO likely to rank company among world's largest
Weekend violence in Oakland: Is Occupy movement back, or broken? (+video)
Who's behind 'toxic' super PAC ads? We may never know.
On the Economy Local budget cuts drag down the entire economy
Super Bowl ad: Is Ferris Bueller 'sequel' the right vehicle for a Honda CR-V? (+video)
Polls show Florida rout. Can Newt Gingrich survive till convention?
New airport security plans: less frisking, more 'pre-screening'
'Honor killings' in Canada: 5 responses to the Shafia verdict
The Circle Bastiat The free market doesn't make people poor. People do.
Backchannels With Americans holed up in Cairo embassy, Egypt's lobbyists in DC quit
Germany's green energy sector: can it grow without subsidies?
The New Economy Working beyond 65 can be good. Is it right?
Volcanic eruptions emerge as lead cause for Little Ice Age
World markets rattled, but Dow only down six
Can Obama's health-care law force Catholics to support birth control?
The Monitor's View Eight reasons to ‘mute’ super PAC ads
Huge pythons annihilating Everglades wildlife, report scientists (+video)
The Monitor's View Obama, like Roberts, seeks harmony in Washington
Chapter & Verse Jonathan Franzen: E-readers are 'damaging to society'
Canadian teenagers launch Lego man to the stars (+video)
The Vote Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum?
Green Economics Building green cities using public/private partnerships
Top 5 foreign-language films
Tea Party Tally Newt Gingrich the tea party favorite? Not necessarily in Florida. (+video)
Change Agent John-Paul Maxfield aims to put nutrients from food waste back into the soil
Chapter & Verse 'A Wrinkle in Time' 50 years later
Backchannels A negotiated solution to Syria? Unlikely.
The Simple Dollar Are you prepared for appliance failure?
Culture Cafe Ferris Bueller extended commercial is now available online (+video)
Putin's answer to polling fraud: lots of webcams
The Vote Does Newt Gingrich have a women voter problem? (+video)
Free Syrian Army: Better tool for toppling Syria's Assad than UN?
Paper Economy Home prices fall again
Latin America Monitor Bash America? The Castros play to their base in Cuba
Why New Hampshire lets parents have broad say over children's coursework
Sundance: 5 festival documentary favorites
Prosecutors: 50 million Megaupload users' data could be gone by Thurs.
The 50 best movies of all time
Canadian teens send Legonaut into 'space' (+video)
Africa Monitor South Sudan's oil cutoff: brilliant negotiating, or suicide?
The Entrepreneurial Mind Avoid the backward start-up
SAG Awards' unexpected winners: 'The Help,' Dujardin win
10 romantic movies for Valentine's Day
IAEA visit: It's showtime for Iran's nuclear denials
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Moroccan tagine
Latin America Monitor Organized crime sets its sights on peaceful Uruguay
Opinion The most important election of a lifetime? So say Gingrich et al.
Difference Maker Tony Boursiquot rushed home to Haiti to become a 'defender of the weakest.'
Senegalese take to streets after president cleared for third election run
Rick Santorum says 3-year-old daughter recovering, and he's back to campaigning
Terrorism & Security End of Arab League observer mission to Syria opens door to renewed clashes
Inexhaustible divine energy
Florida I-75 south of Gainesville reopened after massive pileup
Taliban talks: Another Karzai tiff with the US?
Stocks fall. Greece weighs on markets.
Wanted Women
Readers Write: Homeownership isn't all bad – or good; EU is a model for peace
Monitor Breakfast Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa sees "draconian" cuts ahead in Obama's budget