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Monitor Articles for January 27, 2012

College tuition costs: Hold 'em down or else, Obama says
$132.9 billion: Remember TARP? It still owes you.
Can California change US cars forever? New zero-emissions rules take aim.
Horizons #TwitterBlackout: Protests brew as complaints over censorship come to a boil
Can economy help Obama reelection? One statistic gives him hope.
Donald Marron Can one professor teach 500,000 students at once?
Horizons Facebook IPO: Are 800 million users worth $100 billion
Utah school bomb plot: from inspiration to prevention, Columbine had a part
The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for Jan. 21-27, 2012
How Pentagon budget cuts will reshape the Army
The Monitor's View Candidates need antidotes to public anger, not anger
Syria's opposition concerned about independent armed rebel groups
Miss Bala: movie review
Albert Nobbs: movie review
Change Agent How Haiti is fighting poverty by killing cash
Culture Cafe Liam Neeson's 'The Grey' is a mostly satisfying action film
Anti-nuclear movement growing in Asia
Stir It Up! Molten lava cake for National Chocolate Cake Day
Twitter censorship? Posts now yanked country by country.
Obama outlines plan to cut college costs. Could it backfire on students? (+video)
Vox News Did Gov. Jan Brewer pick a fight with President Obama to sell books? (+video)
GDP grew 2.8 percent last quarter, but momentum still weak
Backchannels Iran is gearing up for elections and it isn't pretty
What if we could predict tornadoes a month out? Scientists make strides.
Upfront Blog Green energy isn't always good energy
Tiger Woods edges closer to top in Abu Dhabi tourney
Sundance 2012: Documentaries dominate
Obama puts colleges on notice: Lower tuition or face reduced funding
10 snapshots of New York from celebrated diaries
Russia bars liberal candidate from presidential election
Latin America Monitor Former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt faces trial for genocide
Opinion Brady, Manning worshippers: Football is our religion, Tebow. Don't mess with it.
Experts cast doubt on Japan nuclear power plant stress tests
Rebranding 'Hotel Rwanda' into tourist destination
Chapter & Verse America's most literate cities: Washington, D.C. takes the top spot
Chapter & Verse 'Noir City' organizer Eddie Muller on the evolution of the genre he loves
Latin America Monitor Rio building collapse: where is the oversight?
The Simple Dollar Is there life after debt?
Somali pirate captors move US hostage after SEAL raid
Tax VOX What GOP returns teach us about taxing the rich
Top Picks: 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Blu-ray, Michael Feinstein's musical journey, and more
Stefan Karlsson The British economy is in worse shape than we thought
NASA discovers 26 new alien planets in 11 solar systems
'Barefoot Bandit' to be sentenced in federal court Friday
Opinion Not so Modern Family: Top sitcoms make for sexist, inaccurate television
Global News Blog Hillary Clinton to step down from 'high wire' of US diplomacy
School-bus-sized asteroid to buzz Earth Friday, nearer than moon
Stir It Up! Jan. 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day
Lewis Carroll: 10 favorite quotes on his birthday
The power of silence
Costa Concordia company to offer compensation to ship passengers
Terrorism & Security Suicide car bombing in Baghdad underscores spike in Iraq violence
The four-legged gardener
A confident Romney zings Gingrich in Republican debate No. 19 (+video)
Tech stocks: Growth ahead for handheld game consoles
Houston, we have a problem: American Idol judges can't see eye to eye
Backchannels Egypt bars Americans from leaving: What's going on here?
Robert Reich No Democrat should want a Gingrich nomination
Me and My Big Sister
AT&T posts huge loss on charges, iPhone subsidy
30-year mortgage rate rises for first time in 2012