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Monitor Articles for January 23, 2012

Laptops, gadgets too old? Trade 'em in at Target.
Gingrich, Romney clash in heated Tampa debate
Horizons RIM boots both CEOs, as market woes continue
Horizons Kindle Fire drives tablet ownership numbers up, up, up
US charges 'Reluctant Spy' author with leaking secrets to journalists
The Simple Dollar How much do you save by leaving your oven light on?
After solar flare, massive storm speeds Earthward
The Vote Can Newt Gingrich win Florida without Mitt Romney's bucks?
Readers Write: Gingrich isn't the only indecent politician
The Vote Rand Paul 'detained' by TSA. Does that happen to other senators?
Mitt Romney to release his taxes: beyond the obvious ($$), six things we can learn
Robert Reich How can Americans compete globally?
Africa Monitor The UN standard to prevent genocide, 10 years later
The International Criminal Court's docket in Africa
Stocks close mixed following Greek debt talks
Latin America Monitor Alan Gross imprisonment a result of misguided US rhetoric?
Rand Paul detained: Rep. refuses airport patdown after alarm
Tampa debate: Newt Gingrich could face his Freddie Mac moment
Tax VOX Why does Mitt Romney manage his investments from the Caymans?
Mitt Romney: Still more electable than Newt Gingrich?
Latin America Monitor Guatemalans scale volcano to protest domestic violence
App developers may trade iOS for Android and BlackBerry
Unanimous Supreme Court: Get a warrant before installing GPS tracking device
Gabrielle Giffords says farewell to constituents in Arizona
The Monitor's View Self-immolation as protest tactic rises in Tibet, Middle East
Culture Cafe 'Alcatraz' is off to a promising start
The Vote Ron Paul plans to skip Florida. Will his strategy backfire?
Opinion Biggest loser in South Carolina isn't Santorum. It's evangelical leadership.
Vox News Did Glenn Beck endorse Newt Gingrich? Not!
Planes, trains, and vacation love
EU approves embargo on Iranian oil, despite economic concerns
Kim Dotcom, Megaupload founder, denies piracy in N.Z. court
Shelf Life
Stir It Up! It's National Pie Day
Global Viewpoint Rise of the dragon: China isn't censoring the Internet. It's making it work.
Global News Blog French politicians argue over who 'owns' Joan of Arc
The Circle Bastiat Price fixing occurs naturally, study shows
Edith Wharton: 10 best quotes on her 150th birthday
Tornadoes hit Birmingham and broader South. Is that normal for January?
Roe v. Wade anniversary: Study says 'unsafe' abortions on rise
Massive eruption on sun to shower Earth with radiation
YouTube: 4 billion daily views? Check. 5 billion? Stay tuned.
The Vote Is Mitt Romney's Florida support collapsing? (+video)
Chapter & Verse Nancy Pearl, the librarian of 'Book Lust,' signs a deal with Amazon
Iran angry over EU unity on oil embargo
Paper Economy Single family home sales are up
Why Rand Paul refused a TSA pat down, missed flight to D.C.
Electric vehicles entrepreneur from China stumbles in US
Global News Blog Russia closes deal on $550 million worth of warplanes for Syria
Syria rejects Arab League's 'flagrant interference'
Obama will participate in Google+ 'Hangout' after State of the Union
Ethnic Chinese find a place for Year of the Dragon celebrations in Indonesia
ICC charges Kenyan leaders for post-election violence
Decoder Buzz Election 101: Who are Florida primary voters, and how are they different?
Serena falls at Australian Open; Djokovic, Wozniacki advance
Russian probe crash sparks conspiracy theories, confusion
Economist Mom Limting itemized deductions is a no-brainer
Croatia votes to join EU, but with great ambivalence
Gabrielle Giffords to attend State of Union before stepping down (+video)
Terrorism & Security Yemen's President Saleh departs for US, apparently ending his rule
Storms pound South, Midwest; Two dead in Ala.
Mitt Romney super PAC outspending rivals 20-to-1 in Florida
Patriots to meet Giants again in Super Bowl XLVI
Upfront Blog Why play's the thing
EU bans buying oil from Iran: How will Iran respond?
As Egypt's new parliament convenes, eyes on ultraconservative salafis
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Balsamic glazed carrots and edamame grilled cheese
Liberation Square
Finding your childlike heart
Reader recommendation: The Road to Fatima Gate