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Monitor Articles for January 22, 2012

What now for Ron Paul after finishing last in South Carolina?
NFC Championship quiz: Are you a real 49er fan?
Buoyed by 'Islamic Spring,' Hamas considers new direction
Mitt Romney now says he'll make public his tax returns
The Simple Dollar Make your own laundry detergent
Rep. Giffords to resign from Congress this week
Toddlers to tweens: relearning how to play
Evolution of play: unsupervised bat and ball to today's screens
Cover Story The games kids no longer play
Giants vs. 49ers in NFC Championship: Déja vu all over again?
New York Giants: How much do you know about the city's first NFL team?
Yemen's Saleh leaves for US, says he'll be back
Global News Blog Warren Buffett sings in the Chinese New Year (+ video)
Joe Paterno left a legacy of football records and scandal
Global News Blog What's all the buzz about Oprah and Salman Rushdie going to India?
Can Mitt Romney recover from his South Carolina 'disaster'?
Global News Blog Is it 'Burma' or 'Myanmar'? US officials start shifting.
Green Economics How to fix California's college tuition problem
Costa Concordia: Stowaways the latest uncertainty
AFC Championship fulcrum: Ravens offense vs. Patriots defense
AFC Championship Game: Quiz time for Baltimore football fans
The Simple Dollar Skip the dryer, save $200
Terrorism & Security Nigeria tense after Islamists kill at least 178
San Francisco 49ers: Win or lose, they're back