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Monitor Articles for January 20, 2012

Tech stocks boost the market
On the Economy Rick vs. Newt: The debate factor
Why does Mitt Romney have money in the Caymans? Two potential reasons.
Army report: Suicide rate sets record; some alcohol abuse up 54 percent
Newt Gingrich strikes back, family by his side, in South Carolina
The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for Jan. 16-20, 2012
Stephen King's 10 favorite books
Global News Blog Costa Concordia wreck: What we know a week later
The Reformed Broker Hedge funds get some heavy trimming
The Vote Obama sings Al Green. How did he do? (+video)
Northern lights: Huge solar flare may trigger Saturday night show
Tea Party Tally Is tea party 'dead' if Newt Gingrich fails in South Carolina?
Africa Monitor New Apple report shows efforts to avoid conflict minerals in supply chain
'A Separation' probes Iranians' conflicted love for their country, says director
Are you a true Ron Paul supporter? Take our quiz!
Supreme Court tells Texas judges to do a better job on election maps
Stir It Up! Chocolate muffins with white chocolate and dried cherries
Culture Cafe Mexican drug movie 'Miss Bala' portrays a dark, cartel-fueled world of violence
Comet's fiery plunge may tell us how planets form
The Monitor's View One year after Egypt's revolution, dictators on the defensive
The Daily Reckoning Newt Gingrich's 'Romney tax' not a bad idea
Do we need spaceflight for the perspective?
Global News Blog US files charges against Megaupload in 'largest copyright case'
Vox News How is Stephen Colbert doing in the polls?
Rick Santorum delivers serious smackdown on 'Romneycare'
Culture Cafe 'Fringe' money losses may hurt its chances of renewal, says Fox president
Crazy Horse: movie review
Ralph Fiennes's directs, stars in Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus': movie review
In Jerusalem, national parks seen by Palestinians as a land grab
Legendary blues singer Etta James embodied refined soul music
Bangladesh Army says it foiled a coup via Facebook
Greece, private investors struggle to agree on high-stake debt deal
Paper Economy Residential construction improves, but the market is fragile
The New Economy Eurozone solution: Save banks, not nations
Top Picks: A breakout British star, bears in the wild, and more
Chapter & Verse South Carolina: Why is the Palmetto State so different?
Iraq's Maliki accused of jailing, torturing opponents
Red Tails: George Lucas's film about the Tuskegee Airmen - Review
Department of Justice closes piracy conduit. Is SOPA needed?
Opinion Like Obama? Vote for Gingrich.
Afro-pop bands hop continents
Still Life in Motion
Verbal Energy BRICs, CIVETS, and PIGS: What's in a name?
North Korea says Kim Jong-il's son spearheaded past nuke testing
Haywire: movie review
Costa Concordia owners deny knowing about captain's near-shore salutes
Change Agent 'Young Detroit' founder tells stories of hope and progress
What can be done to create jobs? Six leading ideas.
Latin America Monitor Cuban 'revolution': 'If I work hard, I'll make more money'
Opinion European debt crisis: Germany's fight against Keynes
Regime change: How fear of Iran nukes, and campaign politics, revived the call
Ancient tulip-like creature had bizarre gut
On the Economy Why Romney can pay a 15 percent tax rate
Horizons Facebook turns Like into Want, Cook, Read, and many others
ICC treads carefully ahead of ruling Monday on Kenyan violence suspects
Dracula-esque monkey long thought vanished reappears
Horizons AT&T hikes up data plan prices
South Carolina Republican debate: Surging Newt Gingrich scores (+video)
American Idol strikes coal in Pittsburgh
Global News Blog Make way for cyclists in Tel Aviv
Terrorism & Security How France's threat to pull out of Afghanistan could impact NATO
Your deserved rest
Latin America Monitor Is Brazil about to experience a second golden age of immigration?
Global News Blog China's New Year: there be dragons, but not enough train tickets
Tax VOX Santorum's tax plan: Cuts for (nearly) all
10 things I learned about Harry Carson
Captain For Life: My Story as a Hall of Fame Linebacker
Reader recommendation: Healing the Heart of Democracy