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Monitor Articles for January 18, 2012

Keystone pipeline rejected over politics, say Republicans
Jerry Brown's defiant State of the State: California is still golden
SOPA and PIPA bills: old answers to 21st-century problems, critics say
On the Economy Obama tried to help the budget supercommitte. Really.
USS Cole bombing: Judge allows prosecution to use 'sanitized' evidence
The Vote Polls show a Newt Gingrich comeback? Not so fast.
Obama puts Keystone pipeline on hold, decries 'rushed and arbitrary' deadline
Dwarf galaxies: breakthrough in bid to find 'fossils' of early universe
Can Mitt Romney stop Newt-mentum in South Carolina?
The Reformed Broker Biotech stocks are the market's breakout stars
Would SOPA and PIPA bills 'break Internet?' Anti-piracy measure being revised.
The Vote Why Ron Paul left South Carolina to take part in a 'charade'
Vox News Will Jon Stewart go to jail for running Stephen Colbert's super PAC?
US report on Afghan rampage raises questions about NATO’s exit
Strong housing report boosts stocks
Would Mitt Romney survive a Newt Gingrich win in South Carolina?
German tabloid Bild takes down politicians with its unmatched megaphone
Chapter & Verse Johnny Ramone autobiography will be released this spring
'The Real Romney': 10 facts about the presidential hopeful
Why Congress is a favorite GOP whipping boy
Latin America Monitor Honduras: home to the most violent city in the hemisphere?
Is Obama weak on Iran? GOP sees hot issue in crisis over nuclear program.
Robert Reich Romney's tax loophole
The Monitor's View Web protests over piracy bills while China slaps Internet curbs
Foreclosure hardest on low-income homeowners
Denied visas to US, Ugandan Little League team finally gets a game
Monitor Breakfast L.A. mayor calls tax code unfair, cites Mitt Romney (+video)
White House may reject oil pipeline, Feb. deadline 'purely political'
Elmore Leonard on 'Raylan' and 'Justified'
Culture Cafe 'Hunger Games' sequel will be written by 'Slumdog Millionaire' writer
Horizons SOPA blackout: How to get around the Wikipedia protest
Stefan Karlsson Why the Euro debt downgrade matters (even though it shouldn't)
Meteorites in Morocco confirmed to be Martian in origin
Monitor Breakfast Cities brace for bad news in Obama's next federal budget, top mayor says (+video)
Widespread snow buries Seattle area
The Vote Did Sarah Palin endorse Newt Gingrich or not?
The Vote Why Mitt Romney's 15 percent tax rate may not matter in the long run (+video)
Costa Concordia: Top 4 'deceptions' by ship's captain
Vox News Ron Paul: Are his voters being stolen away by Stephen Colbert?
Paper Economy Mortgage rates continue falling
Global News Blog Aid groups: With new Africa drought looming, donors must speed response
Peace Corps Honduras: Why are all the US volunteers leaving?
Opinion The perfect storm: Three ways to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions – short of war
Everglades snakes problematic, so non-native species banned
Global News Blog Youth find their voice on Tunisian radio
Rick Perry vs. Turkey: A rebuttal from Turkey
Opinion Congress must pass law that allows former prisoners to vote
Iran to return drone to Obama – a pink, $4 toy version
Nadal, Federer, Wozniacki all advance at Australian Open
Still in, Newt Gingrich is the wild card in GOP race
Jim Caldwell fired, Indianapolis Colts look to future
Tax VOX Congress is back, and more combative than ever
Why Google and Twitter didn't join the SOPA blackout
Stir It Up! Braciole: Italian braised beef
The Simple Dollar Retirement dilemma: Old account. Moving overseas. Should we close it?
Costa Concordia's tale of two captains: the 'hero' and the 'coward'
Terrorism & Security Russia pressures Syria to extend Arab League observer mission
Will Newt Gingrich benefit from Sarah Palin endorsement?
Mitt Romney's 15 percent tax rate: How does it compare to Obama or Perry?
Change Agent Five simple things to reduce food waste
Opinion Four ways to relieve overcrowded prisons
China reports solid economic growth. Should we believe it?
The search for elegant solutions
Economist Mom Romney's tax rate: Good gossip, great lesson
Horizons SOPA blackout: What happened to Wikipedia?
The Last Great Game
Reader recommendation: Healing the Heart of Democracy
Will Earth no longer define time? Leap second could be abolished.