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Monitor Articles for January 14, 2012

Two rescued alive aboard cruise ship off coast of Italy
Oil prices fall below $99 a barrel
College savings plans: Is prepaid tuition still a good idea?
Evangelical leaders try to unite behind Rick Santorum
Paper Economy Consumer confidence improves
Does Tim Tebow really worry Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots?
In South Carolina, Romney, Gingrich brace for Super PAC attacks
Green Economics Should New York scrap its nuclear power plant?
Martin Luther King, Jr.: How would American life be different without him?
Broncos-Patriots one of four intriguing NFL playoff games this weekend
A bit late, winter grips Midwest and Northeast
The Daily Reckoning Has capitalism failed us?
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Who misquoted King so monumentally?
Cruise ship aground: Search for missing off coast of Italy (+video)
Change Agent Tim Tebow, the philanthropist
Latin America Monitor What Guatemala's new president wants from the US
The Simple Dollar Shopping: Why it pays to research
Taiwan election sees China-friendly presidency continue
Haley Barbour's pardons put Southern redemption on trial
Credit rating slashed, France promises reforms
NFL playoffs: When offenses shine, fans tune in
Shiite pilgrims defy bombings in Iraq to mark Arbaeen
Martin Luther King Jr. memorial quote to be changed