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Monitor Articles for January 13, 2012

Why it's hard to predict where failed Russian craft will fall
Horizons New laptops: Is this the year of the 'ultrabook'?
The Reformed Broker Success in the markets means picking the best stocks
Myanmar breakthrough: Does it validate Obama policy of engaging adversaries?
Horizons Lumia 900 set for March release: report
Horizons Murdoch on MySpace: We "screwed up" in the race against Facebook
Stocks slip; JPMorgan disappoints
Downgrade of France's credit rating dashes uplifting week for eurozone
The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for Jan. 9-13, 2012
Top GOP candidates won't qualify for Va. primary ballot
Africa Monitor Joint UN-African mission seeks to end LRA violence
Terrorism & Security Iran nuclear talks: Tehran says it's ready, despite assassination.
The Vote Mitt Romney: Does it hurt him that he's a French-speaking rich guy?
Obama's Iran policy shifted from outreach to pressure and sanctions
Stir It Up! Got Soup? Recipes to ward off the chill.
Paper Economy Retail sales show weak increase
As debate roars over Haley Barbour pardons, five released convicts vanish
Tim Tebow and Tom Brady: Opposite in every way? Maybe not.
We Need to Talk About Kevin: movie review
Angels Crest: movie review
Elusive particles could help to stem climate change
Biden, in a swing state, addresses student anxiety over college costs (+video)
Urination video: Outcry aside, history suggests minimal punishment for Marines (+video)
Space station moves to avoid space junk in orbit
Sing Your Song: movie review
Lula, Son of Brazil: movie review
Growing Catholic divide over Mexico drug war
On the Economy Why 'trickle down' economics don't work
US restoring full ties to Myanmar in 'substantial step forward' (+video)
Bradley Manning: How alleged intelligence leaker will defend himself
Stock prices fall on European credit rumors
Martin Luther King, Jr.: 10 good books about the civil rights leader
Van der Sloot gets 28 years in murder case
Global News Blog Scottish politicians fend off accusations of being 'anti-Scottish'
The Monitor's View The fear factor in attacks on Romney's Bain
Group blasts J. Lo and her ride, citing Fiat business dealings with Iran
Police: 3 killed in NC lumber company shooting; gunman hurt
Court convenes to sentence Van der Sloot for murder
Vox News Stephen Colbert for president? What's his point? (+video)
12 best books for preteens
The Circle Bastiat Serious debt problems will continue, experts say
Backchannels Marines urinating on the dead? This is war.
Can Tom Brady overcome playoff missteps to beat Tim Tebow?
Stir It Up! Chewy fudgy triple chocolate brownies
Culture Cafe 'Contraband' is just average, but action fans will be satisfied
To save buildings from quakes, architects try self-destruction by design
Opinion If computers can write, why not students?
Anti-US chants as slain Iran nuclear expert buried
In surprise amnesty, Myanmar releases high-profile political prisoners
Opinion How to write a superbissimo thank you note for a mirific, magnanimous gift
Spain's Basques enter unfamiliar territory of peacetime politics
Russian space probe turned space junk crash will have worldwide audience
Scalp the iPhone 4S in China? No phone for you, says Apple. (+video)
Latin America Monitor Hezbollah in Latin America: an over-hyped threat?
Why Ron Paul won't go rogue on the Republican Party
Tim Tebow: Top 10 Little Known Facts about Denver's QB
Global News Blog Taiwan voters face tight election, but keep typical rowdiness in check (+video)
Obama seeks power to shrink federal government
Albatross species finds it easier to fly with changing winds near South Pole
Reader recommendation: Healing the Heart of Democracy
Africa Monitor Why mobile money is popular in Africa, but not in the US
Top Picks: Examining the Wild West, an opera on Anne Boleyn, and more
Terrorism & Security US issues direct warning to Iran: close the Strait of Hormuz, risk military action
Stephen Colbert for president of South Carolina?
Stock prices rally late; Dow up 21
Green Economics California's high speed rail hits a speed bump
How nuclear scientist's assassination will affect Tehran's strategy
Martin Luther King Jr. and all of us have a dream
US Embassy warns of terrorist attack, Thai police arrest Hezbollah suspect
Zuma tells the UN: Listen to African Union
Fixed mortgage rates hit record low – again
Tax VOX What Carlyle and Bain Capital can teach us about taxes
Teacher's pest, redeemed
Coke fungicide prompts tests of Minute Maid and Simply Orange juices