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Monitor Articles for January 12, 2012

Domain names: Internet takes big step toward end of .com era
TV Blog Big winners at People's Choice Awards, despite ratings drop
The Simple Dollar For big buys, wait 30 days
Rahm Emanuel and public sector union play hardball over Chicago library hours
Poll: God helps Tim Tebow win football games. Does Tim Tebow agree?
US-Taliban talks: What are the prospects for success?
Amazing planets: mini solar system, 'Star Wars' lookalike among new finds
Justice Dept says recent recess appointments legal
Mitt Romney attack ads reveal big-business divide among Republicans
Point of view: Wedding photo fantasies
Ford recalls: Is your SUV, minivan on the list?
In Haiti, cautious hope around effort to find families new homes
Russian space probe may crash into Indian Ocean
Paper Economy Jobless claims have gone up
Judge to declare Natalee Holloway legally dead
Myanmar cease-fire: Who are the Karen rebels?
Smugglers' air force? Drug war sees rise in use of ultralight planes.
The Monitor's View Supreme Court's historic but unfinished ruling for religious liberty
Have conservatives finally stopped looking for the Romney alternative?
6 novels about grand passions
How much do you know about Tim Tebow? A quiz
Culture Cafe 'The Devil Inside' writers are making another movie -- a sequel?
How video of Marines urinating on Taliban could put US forces in danger
Ethiopia's 'grand dam' rouses citizens, dismays critics
What is Nigeria's Boko Haram? 5 things to know
Backchannels Are the assassinations of Iranian scientists an act of terrorism?
The Daily Reckoning Biggest financial trap of 2012: US Treasury debt
The Reformed Broker Stock prices rally, but investors drop out
Fantasy goes dark
NASA able to observe a long time ago, in newly found galaxies far, far away
US Chamber sees limp economy, high unemployment rate in election year
The Vote Is Newt Gingrich only hurting himself with attacks on Mitt Romney?
An end to one of the world's longest wars? Myanmar rebels cautious. (+video)
Putin election manifesto vows reform, but too late for some Russians (+video)
Stefan Karlsson How space aliens could fix the economy
Spain, Italy on the mend? Investors make it easier to borrow
Opinion Nigeria's Boko Haram attacks are misunderstood as regional Islamist threat
North Korea ranks last for nuclear weapons security
Was North Carolina hit by rare winter tornado?
Newly discovered frog is smallest known vertebrate
Opinion Five vital tips to succeed in college
Did Haley Barbour overlook Mississippi constitution before mass pardon? (+video)
Most stars in our galaxy have planets, study suggests
Stir It Up! Avgholemono: Greek lemon and rice soup
Latin America Monitor Why Mexico is touting an 11 percent increase in drug-related murders
US currency quiz
North Korea food and nukes: 5 key questions
Bankruptcy filing for 'Jerry Maguire' sports agent
The Simple Dollar Save money and time with automatic bill pay
Romney blitzing S. Carolina as front-runner
Taliban says urination video won't harm peace talks. Why not?
Windows phone: Nokia makes big leap with Lumia 900 (video)
'Eternal leader' Kim Jong-il's body to be enshrined
Mississippi judge blocks Haley Barbour pardon of 21 inmates
Was Israel behind Iran nuclear scientist's assassination?
Terrorism & Security Observer mission in Syria begins to unravel, pushing forward UN option
Global News Blog Cartoons to rebuild lives in Haiti
Haiti struggles to 'build back better' two years after earthquake (+video)
When a night of prayer brought light
Mormons like Mitt Romney more than Jon Huntsman but question his electability
Change Agent A warrior turns peacemaker in Liberia
David Foster Wallace's 10 favorite books
On the Economy Why we need business people in politics
3 new novels for a new year
Reader recommendation: Let the Great World Spin
Orange juice being tested for a fungicide by FDA
Van der Sloot plea may lead Judge to declare Natalee Holloway dead