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Monitor Articles for January 11, 2012

People's Choice Awards 2012: Katy Perry and Harry Potter take top spots
Horizons Twitter lambasts new Google search feature
Horizons Wii U: Five players, one touch screen, total family madness
On the Economy Avoiding fiscal drag
Vox News 'King of Bain': 6 questions answered about anti-Mitt Romney attack ads
The Simple Dollar Forget your manners and talk about money
Horizons CES 2012: Smart TVs invite you to ditch the remote
Supreme Court says no to new rule on eyewitness testimony
Stocks fall on threat of a European recession
Africa Rising: Jeffrey Sachs says Ghana's future looks bright
US drone strikes again. Is Pakistan's military angling for a favor?
Laura Dekker close to completion of solo round-the-world sail
'Doomsday Clock' moved forward. What has scientists worried?
Scientists discover a real-life Tatooine orbiting two suns
Africa Monitor Recent rebel attacks in Congo highlight complexity of protecting civilians
Latin America Monitor Brazil cleans house: now what?
Culture Cafe 'One Tree Hill': Series creator isn't looking for happy endings
Robert Reich Mitt Romney and the Bain of capitalism
Israel's identity crisis: Why it could be as detrimental as Palestinian conflict
The Vote Ron Paul: How badly does GOP need his voters?
Global News Blog A revolution to end traffic jams in Egypt
Are Twinkies in decline? Hostess files for Chapter 11.
The Monitor's View Rowdy politics aside, Americans are in a 'civics recession'
Court dismisses fears of 'creeping Sharia law' that led to Oklahoma ban (+video)
Pakistan's growing civilian-military showdown (+video)
15 great quotes about books
Scientists discover three smallest alien planets yet
2011 Man Asian Literary Prize: 7 (not 5) nominees
Did Haley Barbour's pardon spree go too far?
Landmark Supreme Court ruling a 'resounding win' for religious groups
The Circle Bastiat What makes democracy work? Ignorance.
Russia worried about a nuclear Iran, but leery of US sanctions
Taiwan's top election issue: rich earn 6 times more than poor
Horizons Nicolas Steno: The saint who undermined creationism
UK roils Scottish independence referendum with bid for control
Opinion Obama's health-care law is hurting insurance agents and millions of consumers
Global News Blog Is Mitt Romney's Europe-bashing well placed?
Paper Economy Mortgage rates trend lower and lower
Verbal Energy After the holidays, so much to unpack!
The Vote New Hampshire primary results: Is Jon Huntsman toast? (+video)
Global News Blog An Initial Party Offering? China's communists go for an IPO of their news site.
Van der Sloot apologizes in court for murder of Peruvian woman (+video)
Humongous 'El Gordo' galaxy cluster packs mass of 2 quadrillion stars
Partisan feud escalates over voter ID laws in South Carolina, other states
Chapter & Verse 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' gets a new app
Bestselling books the week of 1/12/12, according to IndieBound*
Opinion Free Syrian Army commander: 'I'll name my son Juppé if West intervenes'
Change Agent Julie Leven brings classical music to homeless shelters
Nigeria closes its borders amid unrest from Islamists, strikers
Tax VOX Tax-deferred 401(k) plans good news for workers
Stocks fall on Europe woes
Global News Blog 7.3 quake hits Indonesia again, but this time residents are better prepared
How 'dangerous' is Ron Paul to the Republican platform?
Famed author Chinua Achebe on the Occupy Nigeria strikes
For Mitt Romney, it's likely to feel a lot hotter in South Carolina (+video)
Horizons How Nicolas Steno changed the way we see the world, literally
Terrorism & Security US ends longest lull in drone strikes over Pakistan. Why now?
10 great movies by Steven Spielberg
Another Iranian nuclear scientist killed: part of 'covert war'?
Pakistan's civilian government and Army in war of words
Academics and spiritual progress
On the Economy Don't stop worrying about the economy
Stir It Up! Smoked salmon and cucumber salad
Kayak Morning
Reader recommendation: Empire of the Summer Moon
Horizons Search Plus Your World: Google's new social push