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Monitor Articles for September 28, 2011

Is the iPod Classic being retired?
Immigration law: court upholds key parts of tough Alabama law
New Kindle Fire: Amazon introduces tablet for Everyman (and every kid)
Why economic models can't predict the future
Plot to bomb Capitol with explosive-laden model planes foiled, FBI says
Did Berkeley's 'racist' bake sale go too far?
Florida is poised to move GOP primary ahead of all others. How will it change the race?
Would Obama's jobs plan help avoid a recession?
Tablet computers beware: Amazon Kindle Fire is only $199
Housing market: Prevention over correction
Fried egg nebula: European telescope captures image of monster star [VIDEO]
20 banned books that may surprise you
Frankenstein moon: Astronomers vindicate Mary Shelley's account
The Monitor's View Euro heroes in Germany?
When is a terrorist not a terrorist? America's Haqqani conundrum.
US sweep for illegal immigrants: Is Obama searching for a middle ground?
Banned Books Week: Join the virtual Read-Out protest on YouTube
SAT cheating scandal: Are stakes getting too high for college admission?
Immigration and poison use in cities
'Shining' sequel happening, Stephen King says
Reebok refund: You might get shoes for free
'Prohibition' – so much more than gangsters and flappers
Is Sarah Palin preparing to disappoint her fans?
Paul Polak – developing products for 'the other 90 percent' of humanity
Dr. Seuss lives again with seven "new" stories
Michael Jackson audio echoes through Los Angeles court
Zambia's new President Sata sets new mining rules for China
Opinion When some yell 'scarcity,' time to act abundantly
Arizona's Brewer misses second straight US-Mexico Border Governors Conference
With support, Mali could provide a rare democracy success story
Despite listeria outbreak, cantaloupes safe to eat if…
China's debate on the death penalty becomes increasingly open
Health insurance premiums skyrocket
Joe Namath isn't part of Jets inner circle, according to Rex Ryan
Yemen conflict deepens as dissident general's troops enter fray
Andy Rooney: why it's bad he's retiring
Chris Christie and GOP's quest for a perfect candidate: Time to end it?
'L Word' actress discovers new way to get kicked off Southwest Airlines flight
A "window dressing" stock market rally
Saudi woman sentenced to lashes days after women win right to vote
Philippines scrambles to recover from Typhoon Nesat as another storm bears down (video)
Libya's NTC believes Qaddafi is laying low near Algerian border
Andy Rooney exiting '60 Minutes' this Sunday
Kindle Fire: Amazon tablet unveiled
In India, putting women's voices to press
Elisabetta Canalis dismissed from 'Dancing With the Stars'
Opinion Obama can't blame the do-nothing Congress
Taye Diggs' children's book sends a message of self-worth
Samsung brings Galaxy Tab 8.9 to the US, despite lawsuits
Final week of DC’s 'All New 52': The big guys add some punch
Dancing with the Stars: Can it help a career?
Fall planting in southern California gardens
Chris Christie tells California audience he won't enter 2012 presidential race
Straightening out your finances? Be patient.
Mighty Brazil: an overinflated image?
Pakistan: We're scapegoats for US frustration over Afghan war
Braised/roasted duck legs with vegetables
Good Reads: Protests in Syria, Soviets in Kabul, US-Pakistan breakup
Susan Sarandon lends star power to Wall Street protests
Hope for a kinder world
Small businesses and taxes: Not what you think