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Monitor Articles for September 21, 2011

Treasury bonds soar, yields drop on Fed plan
How Democrats' anger at disaster funding helped doom House spending bill
U.S. banks look good compared to European ones
Amazon Kindle can now check out e-books from 11,000 libraries
UAW and GM strike a deal. Is that good news for Ford and Chrysler, too?
Forbes 400 fuels 'class warfare' fire: The rich, yes, are getting richer.
Does America really need 'X-Factor'? In two words, 'heck yes.'
Google+ is open to the public, but is anyone using it?
Homeowners cheer Fed's 'Operation Twist.' Wall Street, not so much.
The Republicans' latest ploy to keep the economy lousy through election day
Stocks plunge after Fed stimulus announcement
iPhone rumors rally around October 4 unveiling
Monitor Breakfast Ron Paul to Jon Stewart: thanks for the help (video)
Poker Ponzi scheme: Feds say Full Tilt Poker raided player accounts
The Monitor's View What happens in Vegas
Ron Artest name change doesn't help on 'Dancing With The Stars'
After Obama speech, Sarkozy pushes new plan for Mideast peace in a year
Canadian parks could grow food, too
The real cause of economic stagnation
Meg Whitman may replace HP CEO
Troy Davis execution nears: What options remain for a reprieve?
'Raising Hope' creator offers hints for new season
Tensions over Palestinian UN bid spur new patrols in West Bank
Home sales jump in August: why it's not enough to revive housing market
Has the UN Congo mission tried too hard to be impartial?
Mexican families struggle to find drug war's 'disappeared'
Emerging markets to Europe: Fix it!
Sudanese government forces defy withdrawal schedule for Abyei
Monitor Breakfast Would Ron Paul run as a third-party candidate? (video)
Montreal's public bike system faces uphill battle
Is Ivory Coast really a great model for international intervention?
US hikers freed: Timeline of key events
Facebook changes vs. Google+: Who made the best updates?
How American hikers' release is playing in Iran
Body dump in busy street highlights Mexican drug war's effect on commuters
Opinion Time for Obama to rethink Washington's mild-mannered stance toward China
Thailand's Lèse-majesté crackdown: Deepening chill on dissent?
Single family housing permits up in August
Zimbabwe: a new wave of land seizures?
Kindle's e-books come to community libraries
Avatar theme park attractions to be built at Disney parks
Rabbani killing sparks fresh concerns about civil war in Afghanistan
"Slaughterhouse Five" ban is reversed – sort of – at a Missouri school
Opinion Founding Fathers' advice to deficit 'super committee': Bring US troops home
Shel Silverstein: a new collection, 12 years after his death
The rise of urban farming
Qwikster, are hot properties online. How much would they sell for?
Patent system cost the economy $0.5 trillion since 1990
Women are in the spotlight as DC Comics ‘All New 52’ rollout continues
Titanic necklace stolen from Danish amusement park
The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World
Casinos in New York?
Reader recommendation: Little Princes
Soupe au pistou: a hearty soup with a French accent
Is the White House ready for a Cuban deep water drilling disaster?
Treasury bond market intervention: Can Fed boost economy?
Targeting the rich, Obama takes Democrats back to their roots
Is Rick Perry winning the 'Donald Trump primary'?
Good Reads: Why the assassination of former Afghan president Rabbani matters
When life is a dance
Iran releases US hikers on eve of Ahmadinejad's UN speech
Saving money shouldn't be work
How to grow and prepare cabbage
Maurice Sendak scares parents with new book
Did Netflix create Qwikster just to sell it?