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Monitor Articles for September 17, 2011

Miami Hurricanes vs. Ohio State: Who won the sanctions game?
On Constitution Day, tea party and foes duel over our founding document
Michele Bachmann doubles down on ‘Perrycare.’ Will it work?
Does the mythical 'permanent portfolio' work?
Obama says 'Pass this jobs bill.' But what's actually in the bill?
Back taxes: 12,000 tax cheats come clean
How to make a good habit a habit
Former US Sen. Charles Percy of Illinois was 'fervently moderate'
The Apple effect: How Steve Jobs & Co. won over the world
iBIO of Steve Jobs
Evolution of an Apple revolution
The lesson of Apple: design matters
Green dragons and fiery seeds
Reno crash raises questions about the future of air races
Consumer sentiment drops. Inflation expectations rise.
Metta World Peace: Ron Artest changes name to better the world
Willow the cat story makes strong case for microchipping