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Monitor Articles for September 15, 2011

With subscribe button, Facebook steals a page from the Twitter playbook
In countering Obama on jobs plan, Boehner gives hint of compromise (VIDEO)
Dakota Meyer and nine others: what they did to receive the Medal of Honor
UN vote on Palestine: Can Tony Blair prevent a diplomatic train wreck?
Texas's record as death penalty capital: a help for Rick Perry?
Cell phones ubiquitous globally, but 1 in 8 now have mobile Internet
Retail sales stagnate, but not unexpectedly
Perry vs. Romney: Does it matter whom Obama faces in 2012? In short, yes.
Will 'petty' bio win Sarah Palin some sympathy?
Markets rally after eurozone rescue mission by world's central banks
Tatooine for real? Scientists confirm planet orbiting two suns.
Casey Anthony ordered to reimburse state $97,000. How that still could rise.
Donald Trump gets paid in gold bars
Stocks push higher for fourth straight day
Tornados, fires, floods: How much will Congress allot for disaster aid?
Cantaloupe recall: Colorado farm linked to listeria
Dakota Meyer, a Marine who disregarded orders, is awarded Medal of Honor
Elizabeth Taylor jewelry: Who will buy her bling?
The Monitor's View Is college a scam?
Reader recommendation: In the Garden of Beasts
Casinos multiply as states, such as Massachusetts, hunt for jobs, revenue
The lost decade for the middle class
New US ambassador says Egypt's democratic process is 'on track'
Monitor Breakfast On immigration, a Democrat has kind words for GOP's Rick Perry (VIDEO)
Netflix stock takes a hit
Monitor Breakfast Gov. Martin O'Malley: GOP will block jobs if Obama would get credit (VIDEO)
Opinion Getting it right in the Taiwan Strait
3 questions US forces must answer before declaring victory in Libya
Small businesses that survived 9/11
Black consciousness: Why it's relevant in today's South Africa
Cell phone hacking led to stars playing tricks on reporters
Monitor Breakfast Gov. Martin O'Malley: Democrats too slow in delivering on economy (VIDEO)
What's behind Russian tycoon Prokhorov's abrupt political exit?
Ghana aims to abolish witches' camps
'Rogue': Is Sarah Palin book too sleazy?
Sarkozy, Cameron visit Libya for victory lap, pep talk
Budget debate: What should be the role of government?
Pasta with short ribs
Guns, migrants, mercenaries: Qaddafi's loss is the Sahel's gain
Opinion Listening to the other voice in the Jackie Kennedy interviews
Small town Mexican mayor issues call to arms against criminals
Why the ICC likely won't charge pope over Catholic Church sex abuses
"One City, One Book" – what 5 cities chose to read
Brown dwarf star wracked by most violent weather seen on another world
August retail sales grind to a halt
Why are Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney campaigning early in Arizona?
Yemen sees resurgence of violence from militants, tribal fighters
Maserati Kubang SUV: Super luxury vehicles belie gloomy outlook
Good Reads: Qaddafi was right, Bush was right, and FBI is so wrong
What nature can teach us
What is 'pro-growth' tax reform?
Literary Brooklyn: The Writers of Brooklyn and the Story of American City Life
Reader recommendation: My Thoughts Be Bloody
PlayStation Vita gets 2011 release date (but only in Japan)