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Monitor Articles for August 8, 2011

Wang Meng: China's most decorated Olympic medalist expelled for brawl
Appeals court allows US citizens' torture suit against Rumsfeld
Why Wisconsin's recall election matters to the rest of America
Rating falls, markets plunge, critics rage. But tea party isn't blinking.
Bad news for Obama in Gallup polls – even before stocks plummeted
Dow drops 1,147 points over three trading days. Is that a 'crash'?
iPhone 5: iOS 5 beta version issued to developers.
Windows Phone 7 market share slips: report
Iranian group's big-money push to get off US terrorist list
Obama tries to calm jittery investors
Concerns swirl over safety of 'uncontacted' Amazonian tribe
In Afghanistan war, Navy SEALs and special ops playing more central role
Five reasons the S&P downgrade isn’t so bad – and one word of caution
London riots strain police force. Have spending cuts played a role in unrest?
Dow skids 600, worst day since credit crisis
Relief ahead for states from No Child Left Behind law, but with strings
Three deaths in one weekend puts Taser use by cops in crosshairs
World markets worried about containing Europe debt crisis
Double-dip recession? It would be for no good reason.
"The Help": 10 best moments
Global Viewpoint S&P has no business downgrading US bond rating
The Monitor's View There's still time for a debt fix 'do over'
Google Books scores a deal in France
Pilgrims eat free at India's Golden Temple
Obama administration establishes government board to prevent genocide
Lobsang Sangay is sworn in as new prime minister of Tibetan exiles
Ukraine's trial of Yulia Tymoshenko backfires
US plans more aid for Somalia famine as Jill Biden visits refugee camp
What a Wonderful World: The Magic of Louis Armstrong's Later Years
Afghanistan helicopter crash: Why Army has used Chinook for half a century
Hugo Chavez's take on his revolution's successes and failures
European economic crisis: Why Italy is seen as too big to bail out
Is it un-American to celebrate the downgrade?
What does Al Shabab's withdrawal from Somalia's capital mean?
Add S&P downgrade to a struggling economy, what do you get? Stocks in shock. [VIDEO]
World markets respond to US credit downgrade
Amazon's Top 10 fall books
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of August 8, 2011
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of August 1, 2011
Public-school losses: private schools' gain
Next, Iowa straw poll: Why it matters to GOP presidential candidates
Why India could feel the global financial aftershocks this time
Israeli pocketbook woes awaken a dormant protest spirit [VIDEO]
Is violence in Mexico affecting foreign investment? No, say recent reports.
Meatless Monday: grilled peanut butter and jam sandwiches
How far should books go to keep the kids entertained at the table?
An African Affair
Medicare and health care: Where have they been in the budget debate?
Will Afghanistan return to an era of warlord rule after NATO leaves?
Crude oil prices fall after S&P downgrades US debt
London riots prompt 160 arrests in weekend (VIDEO)
Difference Maker Janet Siddall helps African families through 'Grandmothers to Grandmothers.'
Opinion Medical marijuana: The Justice Department speaks – again
Opinion 'Architect Barbie' builds a dream home, but her profession needs a makeover
Saudis condemn Syrian violence after bloody first week of Ramadan
Futures market tumbles after S&P downgrade of US
Diana Nyad, at 61, swimming from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage
Navy SEALs: Afghan helicopter crash investigation begins
Africa: a continent to love
David Gessner offers a modest 'Green Manifesto'
Wild parsnips: One of the most tenacious invasive plants