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Monitor Articles for August 3, 2011

Cargill recall: turkey recalled after salmonella poisoning
Airbnb apologizes after member robbery, PR debacle
Facebook biometrics feature is illegal, German regulator says
BlackBerry 7 to debut on a range of new phones: RIM
What's $16.5 million among adversaries? Enough to ground the FAA.
Casey Anthony: Did she serve probation for previous crime or not?
What were two Republicans thinking, calling Obama 'tar baby' and 'boy'?
How does White House plan to fight US extremism? Locally.
UN Security Council rebuke of Syria hailed as potential 'turning point'
Massive global cyberattack hits US hard: Who could have done it?
Feds bust online child-pornography ring that focused on young children
Is the stock market turning bearish? Watch Friday's jobs report.
3 of the summer's best new mystery novels
Danica Patrick wants to compete in 2012 NASCAR Nationwide series and Indy 500
Dow edges higher, breaking an 8-day losing streak
Iraq signals willingness to allow some US forces to stay
East Asia's top 5 island disputes
Will Missouri 'Facebook Law' spook teachers away from social media?
Congo election season in full swing, along with electoral problems
'Flash robs': How Twitter is being twisted for criminal gain [VIDEO]
'Flash robs': Are they the race riots of the Internet age?
The Monitor's View The moral imperative in Syria
Did the Earth once have two moons?
National Watermelon Day
Rock drummer, fit as a fiddle
Race for oil heats up territorial disputes in the South China Sea
Opinion After Norway massacre: Will this country ever be the same?
What will the debt deal mean for tax reform?
Banning the wave: Is nothing sacred at Rangers stadium?
"The Whistleblower": a summer movie with a serious agenda
Rio's transformation needs new phase
Privatize the highways. And every other road, too.
'Collar bomb' drama grips Australia: Girl is safe, but who was that masked man?
Alexandre Aja plans to direct 'Pet Sematary' remake: Let sleeping dogs lie?
John Kufuor helps transform Ghana into a model for African agriculture
Jobs recovery slower than a snail
Egyptians cheer Mubarak's historic day in court [VIDEO]
Indonesia's youth groups try to counter militant recruitment
Is this really a raw deal for Democrats?
Our lost decade
Fukushima's nuclear cauldron: Retirees who want to go in
Why Mubarak's trial may not bring Egypt full justice [VIDEO]
NATO moves to calm Kosovar-Serb border tensions
Somalia's Islamists appear divided on blocking famine aid
To anyone feeling cynical
Gabrielle Giffords returns to Capitol Hill, but political future still uncertain
With Palestinian statehood bid looming, Israel offers concession to restart talks
A welcoming dooryard garden
Zara Phillips too busy for honeymoon, keeps name
Fukushima radiation levels rise, area closed